Sunday, April 12, 2015

What crumbs of love? No thanks

All we are going through life searching for happiness, but many times, by fear, we dissension in the life with a relationship that brings us nothing good. We insist on having company we don't see that many times only give us crumbs of love, affection or friendship.

There are certain dates and situations that make us feel more solitude and ask "Why can't I have a love or someone to hear me?

But no, let us not so melancholic, negative thinking in a way… because with such an attitude only find any thing when in reality we deserve everything, and not a little but with both hands.

Do not think that the love of another person is the solution to our solitude; this is not the case, we can be happy with little things like read, write, take the coffee with a friend, simple things in life. We need not leftovers of nobody. If we are loving that we love each other with everything our,with good and bad, a sincere love, a genuine friendship, that is what is needed for life.

Look for affection and love can lead us to make many mistakes. It is good to remember that to be able to climb many times we fall, we must not become demoralized because we must be strong and life is full of setbacks. Don't turn that frown upside down if you see you fall many times with the same people, it is a law of life: fall and get up.

But this time arise with great dignity and don't let yourself receive "crumbs of affection". All or nothing, so it must be love.

In order Everything can be summed up as follows: we deserve and not all parts of the other. Someone that does not add and subtract that in our lives.

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