Sunday, December 29, 2013

The silence says more than a thousand words

One day I realized that the silence says more than a thousand words, take a hand that does not mean tie up a heart, that should not be run behind someone who always flees from it, that the love you must demonstrate should not be begging, that to someone who only want to be able to wish you all the happiness in the world and is not to your with you.

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Something that today and always want to give you...

There are things that I wish assault always, these are some of them: 
so that when your soul hankering after a friend, without thinking about what you're looking for, and that someone runs to your side.
so that when your tears will start sliding down your cheek in a gray day and dark, are the laughter which illuminate your sorrows. 
Big dreams… 
so that when in your mind there is a vacuum, are those forests covered the winter that caught the attention of your thought.
The force of a few hands… 
so that when your ankles are tired, the shoulders of someone you serve and give strength to walk. 
A bouquet of hugs… 
so that when you hinder the smooth walk, are the spirits a hope that will help you to continue.
A young and brilliant star… 
so that each time the sun rests, is that true light, which accompany you. 
A bit of humility… 
so that when the successes will expand your person, it is the wisdom, the magical air that makes you appreciate what others despise the reach a new shore.
My real love… 
so that when you feel that nobody accompanies you, remember that in green landscapes or arid valleys, my thoughts always takes you by the hand. 
A hug immense… 
so that when you need feel your forces are these hugs, the port of your emotions.
A couple of tears… 
for the hosting between your soul and heart, as well, if a second pride Dana your walking, is a sign of sensitivity or reward, which will help you to not commit injustices. 
Today I would like to wish you .... 
to share your joys with the beings that housewives, so that when you think you walk in the solitude, thousand angels safeguard your gaze.  
Today I would like saying hello ... 
what more beautiful than you can receive; while turn these lines into a mirror where you find tenderness and beauty in your eyes smiling. 
This type of gift and grow bigger they get, the more it is shared. Share it. 

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Saturday, December 28, 2013

The Love

 Love is when you can't be apart from that someone for a long time… you're always thinking about the person, and when you are with that person never want to say goodbye. Love is far from being simple. It is quite complex. It is a mixture of everything. Is sadness, joy, passion, hate, enthusiasm; it is almost every feeling that you can imagine and more.
Love grows and strengthens over time; if you find truth, terrified, because if you lose maybe not what you encounter. Be careful and don't be fooled, that true love never goes to damage, lives within us but does not decide to love, when that time comes, you will tell. Maybe freak out on the road because nobody i am saying that it would be easy, but if you dont give up, you will be blessed; in the end, the whole effort will be worth it. Finally you and your heart will be happy, to find that person that her heart will receive, like yours you'll notice.
You know that love is when you find, is that person when you smiles clarifies the day, you can't stop looking at it intently for fear of losing it, is always in your mind, dreaming awake with be on your side, even if it is less than 20 feet of you… and you can't bear it when is not with you, the worst feeling that you feel is when you know that the person you love is not with you…You can't say when love will happen, only you know when it happens, that moment when you put for the first time your eyes in that person, and never want to look the other side… this is love. Nothing less.
Love is not always perfect. This is not a fairy tale or a book of short stories. And not always come easily. Love is overcoming obstacles, taking challenges, struggling to be together, holding it and never letting it go. Word is a short, easy to say, difficult to define and impossible to live if the. Love is work, but above all, love is to realize that every hour, every minute and every second was worth it because you do with a loved one. 

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Friday, December 27, 2013

A new opportunity

I have had bad experiences in life, reasons to cry and suffer… but i have decided to not let myself be influenced by the past. I am far from perfection, I have made mistakes, but as a person i am unique, there is no one like me. I have the right to find love and happiness, and I will do so.
We are all entitled to a second chance. You can in your first stage sufrieses and llorases, but today it gives you a new chance in life… don't close your eyes and your heart to another option, should not live with fears taxes of the past.
Descartes not love, you can now let it matters much and think that after what we have experienced the love is no longer an option. But all of those questions and doubts you assault do not get response if you stay in your fourth rebanandote between sadness and reproaches. Only by opening your heart until you want to know where you can get being a new person.
Life is never as one wants to be, when we are confident more hurt; after a painful experience say that never again believe in love, but in the end it is not as well.
You should not lower the hands, you must follow in your search. One day you will find yourself with someone and you will be afraid to take a step forward, afraid to return to damage you, fear of failure and what people will say if you redo your life…
-Don't let fear dominate you - 
it is logical that the principle be afraid to repeat the past, but you have ability to deal with adversity, nothing can deny you the happiness that you deserve, we must all feel loved in life. You say that te left side to the first of change? So what? Nothing happens, all things can be overcome, we have the capacity to do so. All suffer from a bad drink, we suffer, but then spent page.   
Today we have a blank workbook in which we can write a new story, a new romance ... that no one will remove the smile from her face, our environment always questioning what we do or fail to do. But you, lives life without spinning backwards. Be happy, fall in love to the bones, he laughs, he sees from the life trusting that this time you will make things well and that not everything is bad. If so, don't forget that not everything is as perfect as we want, that you have to fight for our happiness.
You must believe in the second parties. Not all people are equal, we have our imperfections, nobody is really looking for a perfect person that falling in love, what we really want is to find sincere love, true love… a love that does not give rise to suspicion.
Can people that we are not perfect, but if unique, no two alike, no one thinks or acts just like you, and that is what makes the difference. We have a right to have a good love, a healthy relationship, without hidden defects. Still moving forward with these new plans that you have, because that is something that you want, you get the courage that you have within yourself, and gives way to a new stage in your life.

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Thursday, December 26, 2013

The days of gray

There are days in which the sun is shining and life continues as always: things have not changed, nothing urgent we lack in appearance and however ... We feel bad, as incomplete, as ... inadequate, as discouraged and strange.
That day in that you open your eyes and you don't know that, you bring a discouragement that tea was born in the dream, which you grew up in the top of the night and filter to your soul thanks to who knows what associations dark and distressing.
That day when you wake up hill work. Yesterday was so good! That day in that presientes that nothing is going to go as you wanted, that day that it is not color, whose first hours are lax, apprehension or slight anxiety.
That day is a day that gray was born. You can never avoid this. The chemistry of our body, the inertia of our psyches, the reaction of unknown factors internal to stimuli that do not discover yet, we want to paint this day of gray. Gray opaque. Gray depressive. Passive Gray. Gray marginal.
But ... What if you can do, as soon as possible, is to take yourself, yourself, the decision to activate your own brushes and to benefit from this neutral gray for newswire of various figures: green arrows, golden curves, zig-zags white, blue dots!
You can convert in a few seconds or minutes that sad panorama achievable in a desire, a hymn that you stimulate, a silence that you talk. There is no days of gray ... All are created equal! Who gives them color yourself.
Who is able to rejoice with the rain or admire the tempest, you. Who Cried under the glorious sun or a wonderful sky, you. Because they are not the days you give color. You are the one who can paint like you want, each day.
If you feel that begins all gray ... 
I just make up your mind and fill it with color!  
Close your eyes. Breathe deeply, think clear ... Oh and lives as never today! Get the best colors of life are always within yourself! Open our eyes to another day, it is a gift that not always going to have.

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