Tuesday, December 17, 2013


When you feel that the life you darkened the roads, the stars are off you and holds you in mazes. When you're not friends, sing or listen to the river to run between the stones back to infinity. Raise your voice to heaven leaving fly your recitation, as flies the thought when is inspired by silence. Stop losing your view on your trip to the universe, while your be rests in peace waiting for the return.
You'll find answers in surprising locations, between flower petals or very rough trails.
You'll find the answers in the smiles of the children to play in the chirping of the birds one afternoon when walking. In heaven and on earth, the Sun and the stars, at the end of the rainbow in the cheerful spring. In the air, at sea, in insects when flying, between sheets, between clouds, in the beings of the sea. In the aroma of pine, and the fresh morning, in the snow that fruitful happiness loss.
You'll find them in your life in the winter mornings, when wake up your eyes look forward to the heat of the heaven.
Archived in memories of times forgotten, when new eyes see the pains of the past. What Where to find the answers to our questions and concerns? There is no other place that within ourselves ... Only we know the reason for our sorrows, troubles, pains ...
We have the only key to open our hearts and let it speak, only we have the power to leave the past behind and look at it with new eyes without blame or bitter flavors ...


on LLuvia

Dress: Legal Insanity - Juliette dress herringbone black NEW!
Scarf: [LF] Winter Wolf Scarf Grey NEW!

Handbag:22769 ~ [femme] Veronica Handbag black/black

Hair: ""D!va"" Hair "Asami" (Type B)(Brown diamond)

Bracelet: Vexiin-Verse Female

Shoes: N-core VENUS "Black"

Hands: Slink Mesh Hand Gesture

Ears:[MANDALA] Steking Ears