Tuesday, November 11, 2014


The things after a time they are never the same, never the people is the same as the other day, the habits are changing, the habits will be doing one, the routine we will be eating every day, the obligations are more each day, the laughs are perhaps less, the caresses are becoming few and kissing garters ...

This is life, a journey full of colors, aromas, climates, feelings ... suddenly there are days when everything is rosy with sweet scent, however there are also days of gray with the aroma of old, musty

There are warm days as the spring, but there are also cold nights as the winter. There are moments of joy, laughter, dreams, goals ... there are moments of faces sad and cries, of offenses, of temper ... A couple's relationship is as well because it is you are doing each day, minute by minute, is a story that is not written.

And sometimes, however, do not have the ability or the time to stop our routine two minutes and assess each and every one of these small joys of life.
Sometimes do not have the courage to look outside of our area and see that there are beautiful things to look, and see that things are not so beautiful, you can also learn.

Takes two minutes of your life, only two minutes, and think of everything that we have, in all the love that is in the air only for through breathing, all the smiles that sometimes you don't see to be with the attention to other things, all eyes so deep, all the words that didn't hear, all the aromas, all of the textures, all the colors.

   Ian Catronis: 

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Friday, November 7, 2014

The men also speak

Thought: If we start from the fact that; "everything we have, is to ourselves". And what we all want, is to find our partner. I excerpted some of my inner feelings, and came to transcribe below.

I do not want I want,I want to love me, to love you.. 
I want to be petted, will give you joy" ... for power. 
I want to be pampered, to be able to pamper yourself.
i didn't fight, don't be jealous, 
only get my isolation, 
I don't want to fight, not discuss with whom he loved,
if doing so is like saying that never loved you.

We merge in only one being, 
in one flesh. 
Let us make love, our symphony. 
We live and enjoy the love. 
We have a lot of character, 
but to others, or to defend our love.

Let's talk about, let us be clear, 
let's never attack us, because the words hurt. 
With Me, woman, I am not going to fight, because. 
"What one does not want to, two cannot". 
Let us learn from ourselves.

Perhaps, by not putting in the couple, the exact figure of 50% each, we are alone. 
We do not want change, each one is different and each has its own history.
¡ accept us as we are !
If this is achieved, then live together in harmony . 

Ian Catronis

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That by more run will not arrive before to the sites. 
That is more important and useful to have a hand of friendship to be able to hold our own and not to make the journey in solitude. 
That feelings delivered more noble and honest are the ones that we must evaluate. 
That smiling causes many difficulties more bearable. 
That selfishness and neglect only lead to negative consequences. 
That small and satisfactory moments are the ones that certainly Colman our welfare.
That friendship cannot be bought with money, it is a feeling great that has no price. 
It is necessary that our eyes leak tears in some moments to be able to see the light and the clarity with all its sharpness. 
That "love" is not the simile of "wanting". Love for wanting, wanting to get, is the similarity in many people. 
That dedication to others does not mean the obligation of having to receive necessarily.
One glance and a sincere shared silence says more than a word with such hypocrisy and speaking from the lie. That we must learn to stand up after each fall. 
That the eyes speak for themselves. 
That the word "friend" has for many people the meaning of "known". In the friendship that the distance does not have to be synonymous with forgetting. 

Ian Catronis

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Monday, November 3, 2014

Go out of you

If you are what you're serving, ama, da; but never say that you're more than the others. If you're wise, calla. That the world discovers the wisdom in it. That smile that das to the elderly, in the greeting that das to the friend, in that caress that beams to the child, surrendering! The world is tired of hearing: "I am", "i", "i serve". Ask yourself now: "Who am I", "What can i do? ", "where do I go"; and it is wise to teach others in your action that smaller, Dandolo everything, does not seem that das nothing.

 Ian Catronis

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Sunday, November 2, 2014

If you are going to love me, love me now

If you are going to love me, love me now while i should be able to enjoy and enjoy that love ... enjoy all the tender and sweet feelings that flow from the true love.

Love me now, while you are at your side don't expect that I may have gone to think about what could have been and was not, words of ardent love for the empty

If you have loving thoughts and sweet about me, why don't you tell me the susurras now? If you wait for that is not to tell me what you feel there will be a sea of distance between us and i can't hear you then.

Not need of your caress when there is no longer on your side, so if you love me, even though it is a little bit, please let me know while still alive. So I can keep it and save it as a treasure for my life.


Ian Catronis

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