Wednesday, May 28, 2014


Love one another, you were born for one another. And they will be forever. Be together when the wings of death from spreading their days. Yes, they will be together even in the silent memory of God. But let there are gaps in its proximity. And let the breezes of the heavens dance between you.

Love one another the one to the other. Most do not make the love a tether, let them have a sea in movement between the beaches of their souls. Mutually imbued the drinks, but don't drink only one cup, share his bread, but do not eat the same piece.

Singing, dancing, and rejoice ... But each one being independent, as well as even the ropes of the lute are alone though vibrate with the same music. Give your heart, but not as a pledge, because only the hand of life can contain your hearts

And stay together, but not too much. Because the pillars of the temple are further apart and neither the oak tree grows in the shade of cypress, cypress or under the oak.  


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Monday, May 26, 2014

I am not perfect

If we were perfect we would need no words of encouragement, tips or friends. I am glad that I did not do so and be able to send beautiful things like this. 
If this seems perfect.
I am not perfect, and I am glad NOT TO BE 
imagined the perfect life ... I wanted to imagine what it would be my life still in this world, being a perfect human being, without sorrows, without gaps, without the need to love and feel loved; taking everything on hand, to achieve this without the slightest effort, still holder of a perfect image and figure in the eyes of others; feeling the power in my hands (after all, that is what we dream we yearn and human beings).
And then imagine what it would be my life as well, think about it was not a dream but a nightmare from which immediately wanted to awaken… I ran to the mirror to see me, and looking at my image and rediscover who i am, I said with the voice of relief:

Oh, I am not perfect! 
If I don't ever go wrong, it might not be able understand the errors who also commit other, live judging them, and i would stay only, because it does not find anybody that i could match.

If my image and figure, they were perfect for humanity, no one would know who really i am, I would seek by my appearance, would be my only material things; perhaps i would become slave of the body and the superficial, wanting to find the formula of the eternal youth, for not getting older ever, live a superficial life;perfect just as I am not in the mirror would be more than my figure, i don't know who I am in reality… I prefer to be small, different, being sure that those who love me, I know the truth, and better yet, I can only look in the mirror, more than my soul, and fought to keep my spiritual beauty.

If you do not have empty, i would not need to love and feel loved, and would be a person indifferent, and that frightens me, I do not want to think what it would be like to live without love; without experiencing that need to be loved and the tremendous desire to give love ... that is the engine of our existence.

I am not perfect and I give thanks for this, because my imperfection gives meaning to my life, invites me every day is a struggle to be better. 

Thank God, by my imperfection, put on my the touch of your perfection: "love". 


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Saturday, May 24, 2014

When be glad it's all over to the other

You have no way to avoid feel joy.

Teaching to the other, you can't stop learning, so deep and substantial. You can't force anyone to understand. However sincerely trying to understand, you won't be understood.

The best way to ensure that your point of view is not accepted is shouting. It is listening as you will know how to speak more effectively and convincingly.

The best way to help yourself is by helping others. That beautiful paradox is the very basis of civilization in its most wonderful way.

The more positively affects your life to the other, more brilliantly reflect your time in it. If you're feeling a little depressed, offers your goodness, your care, your time and your attention to someone.

And in so doing will terrify to at least two people.



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Friday, May 23, 2014

It is good with you

It is good with you 

Today decides to make something really nice for a very important person in your life: YOU! In order to be able to give you to the other, you must first have something to give. So enjoy the life. Have fun. Date permission. It is good with you. How would you like to make other people happy if you're not happy? Enjoy this day.

Do something special for you. In the midst of frustration, and even in times of despair, is the joy of simply being alive. There is nothing to be gained by refusing its own happiness. Being happy is a choice that one is always in time to make a choice that one can do without having to feel any guilt.

Your deserve it be well with thee.

And thus you shall be a person more effective, interesting, creative and productive. Make it the type of person that can really make a difference. It is good with you today and every day.



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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

The only thing that we want to say,is the only thing we don't say

Isn't it true that sometimes we are shy to express the love we feel? Could it be that by not "shaming" to another person or by not be ashamed to ourselves we have no hesitation in saying : "I Love You"

And we try to speak with other phrases such as: 

"take care" … "NOT WIRELESSLY OPERATE FAST" "Behave Well"... Perhaps they are not different ways of saying "I LOVE YOU, you are important to me" …or "I care about you, I do not want that you're wrong?
Sometimes, in truth, we are strangers: the only thing that we want to say, is the only thing that we are not saying. And, they often do not communicate at all, and the other person feel ignored and not beloved.

For this reason, we must listen to the love in the words that other people tell us. The explicit words are necessary, but often, the way of saying things is even more important. A nickname that affectionately porta greater affection and love that the feelings that are expressed so insincere. 

A hug or a kiss impulsive say: "I LOVE YOU", even when the words say something different. Any expression of concern for another person said: "I LOVE YOU".

The problem of listening to the love that is not always understand the language of love that the other person is using.

What is certain is that rarely heard; we hear the words, but didn't hear the actions that accompany these words or expressions of the face. Normally only hear the rejection or the misunderstanding. Not seeing the love that is there, below the surface even when the words are bitter. "If we listen carefully, we realize that we are more beloved than we think

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Many times we are living in fear ...

Afraid of what we might not be able to do. Afraid of what they might think if we try it. 
We let our fears seize our hopes. 

Say no, when we want to say that if. 
We remain silent when we want to scream and we shouted with all when we should close the mouth.

Why is that? 

After all we live only once. There is no time to be afraid. 

Then enough. Never do something that you did. Dare. 
Forget that you are looking at. You try to play impossible. There is a risk.

Don't worry about being accepted. 
Don't settle for one more. nobody tied you. 
Nobody forced you. 

Be yourself. 
You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Many times we believe in the destination. We pray, we hope that things happen and we forget the most important thing. 

We believe in ourselves! 
We content ourselves instead of risking. 
Without thinking that each day that passes never return.  

Nothing is written. Nothing is done. Even the impossible. 
Everything depends upon our willingness. 
Of that force which comes from the inside. 
To say "yes i can" to each challenge.


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