Monday, May 26, 2014

I am not perfect

If we were perfect we would need no words of encouragement, tips or friends. I am glad that I did not do so and be able to send beautiful things like this. 
If this seems perfect.
I am not perfect, and I am glad NOT TO BE 
imagined the perfect life ... I wanted to imagine what it would be my life still in this world, being a perfect human being, without sorrows, without gaps, without the need to love and feel loved; taking everything on hand, to achieve this without the slightest effort, still holder of a perfect image and figure in the eyes of others; feeling the power in my hands (after all, that is what we dream we yearn and human beings).
And then imagine what it would be my life as well, think about it was not a dream but a nightmare from which immediately wanted to awaken… I ran to the mirror to see me, and looking at my image and rediscover who i am, I said with the voice of relief:

Oh, I am not perfect! 
If I don't ever go wrong, it might not be able understand the errors who also commit other, live judging them, and i would stay only, because it does not find anybody that i could match.

If my image and figure, they were perfect for humanity, no one would know who really i am, I would seek by my appearance, would be my only material things; perhaps i would become slave of the body and the superficial, wanting to find the formula of the eternal youth, for not getting older ever, live a superficial life;perfect just as I am not in the mirror would be more than my figure, i don't know who I am in reality… I prefer to be small, different, being sure that those who love me, I know the truth, and better yet, I can only look in the mirror, more than my soul, and fought to keep my spiritual beauty.

If you do not have empty, i would not need to love and feel loved, and would be a person indifferent, and that frightens me, I do not want to think what it would be like to live without love; without experiencing that need to be loved and the tremendous desire to give love ... that is the engine of our existence.

I am not perfect and I give thanks for this, because my imperfection gives meaning to my life, invites me every day is a struggle to be better. 

Thank God, by my imperfection, put on my the touch of your perfection: "love". 


Jacket: Kauna - XIV Tweed Suit: Twill Brown

Shirt: Kauna - XIV Tweed Suit: Twill Brown

Waiscoat: Kauna - XIV Waistcoat: Plaid Earth

Socks: Kauna - XIV Breeks Socks: Plain Pack #1

Pants: Kauna - XIV Breeks: Plaid Earth

Pads: Kauna - XIV Elbow Pads: Browns

Pipe: Kauna - Pipe Gacha: Calabash [RARE]

Hair: *ARGRACE* ARATA - Blacks

Beard: -Labyrinth- Fork Beard

Shoes: ::GB:: WingTip high cut shoes (Black)

Glasses: *  S O R G O - ISSA Shades / Black


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