Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Wonder should not hurt

 Wonder should not hurt

** Ten thousand ways **

If before running, forget and disappear before we talk about and hurt, then falling down and waking up. Why not walk next to my hand only, without saying anything, just enough to be here, enough to look at ourselves. It is not for me to live well, perhaps if it is for you, you're going to decide. If there are ten thousand ways to forget, to redeem us and try to always tell us the truth by to say "no". If there are ten thousand silences that avoid any secret to hide, there is no reason to say "no".
And I know very well that sometimes can be more the habit that the loneliness, sometimes so stubbornly tries to divide us..

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Monday, October 5, 2015

** A Normal man **

A Normal man

** Recapitulate **

Sometimes, life is whimsical, you pass circumstances that surround you and you absorb, absorb your energy, your enthusiasm, your senses, your hopes, your dreams, will be the talent will be the desire, the desire to move forward
 Sometimes you think all that thou hast striven for everything you've worked for everything that you have delivered, by everything you have achieved and in a moment all was dissipates are going on your side, all is lost, is going to the trash
And in that time we were wondering what to do, in that moment I was lost, in that moment I leave win in that time ceases to be me, and by more that we should seek because of the things we will never give with the because?
And I think that at that time is time not to seek a step because , if not to find what has been lost, having to start all over again at 0, purge our ghosts, our Demons Reinvent your desires, your dreams, your hopes, your goals,
Our life is in our hands, in anyone else only in our hands and if something went wrong we are like the potter with the mud in his hands when it starts to create a vessel, if the mud is made to lose in their hands , undoes and returns to shape and if he returns to happen', it returns to shape up to leave a perfect vessel, and I know that everything what happened to us or we pass has a reason for being, and helps us to grow and mature, But to move forward there is that reunited first us same, our inner selves with our first i outside
You can't flow out , if not fluyes inside, 
you can't be well outside if you are not well within yourself 
you can't meet anyone if you don't know first 
you can't love anyone if you do not love your first we cannot help anyone if we do not help ourselves, not you can be a blessing if you don't bless you first 
Newness first, in order to be able to rediscover what we have lost but before let us seek peace in our lives, in our hearts, in our minds and don't let anyone i stole, let's start over if it is 0 of 0 if there are k reinvent reinvent and something I am sure that you are going to be much better than before and you're going to achieve much more things and best of the tapeworms and missed

Friday, October 2, 2015

** Mourning in the heart **

There is nothing more difficult to wake up every morning remembering that who both have loved has died, that is gone forever. Don't know how to deal with the loneliness, do not know what will happen with your life, because you never expect overnight you can lose to whom both housewives.
Today we can only hope that the time click what is theirs and will bring peace, because as long as it remains in our heart and mind, your gear will have only been in body. It will always be in every rose garden, in each snowflake that falls, in every drop of rain that will pose on my… he always will be.
Each time that we remember that person sure to be watching and hoping that we will be well, that will not let us cry, as it will be in peace with God and much more with all what i love…
We will absorb cost increases the pain but also we will give you wings to fly in peace.

                      God take care of them and of us forces in the face of adversity.