Saturday, July 19, 2014

Your boyfriend - Your friend

You have a boyfriend that when you called, generally do so to meet a schedule. 
Your friend calls you no daylight only because he was born to do. 
Your boyfriend is going to visit you because it is the day of appointment. 
Your friend looks for any day because for the no appointments. 
Your boyfriend you caresses and kisses you because it is believed with the right to do so. 
Your friend makes it with more tenderness and without rights only because he is born.
Your boyfriend goes with you on the street as who carries a flag. 
But your friend is the only bearer of your heart. 
You think that your boyfriend loves you by being your boyfriend, 
but you want more your friend being your only friend. 
Your boyfriend never will tell you the truth to be your boyfriend, 
while your friend you never lie by just being your friend.

They say that loves are very different. They are right; the love of your boyfriend is to fulfill commitments, but your friend is more sincere because there is no commitments to meet. 
When fights with your boyfriend, it all ends up between the two; with your friend don't fights because there is nothing to stop. 
But sadly you're fooling yourself to yourself insisting have a boyfriend and not a friend, in order to fulfill a commitment to society, a different appearance to your teammates, or an apology in home, in your family. How can we be or going out with him? They will say: "such as are boyfriends let them".

Do you think that you can only reach the altar dressed in white with your boyfriend/husband? But it will be more beautiful reach the altar with your friend-husband. After the wedding you will get to know the other half of the life of your boyfriend that you hidden. 

If you homes with your friend, nothing will be hidden between the two.  

After one or two years or only a few months and when the marriage reaches the incomprehension heartache and complete harmony and affection, you'll be single, then anoraras to him who really only loved and now you'd like to have your side: 

Your friend of the soul, which only you forget with death. 

LLuvia Baily

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Freedom, such as the bathroom, is something that should be practiced every day. Nothing stays fixed. Change is a law of life. Perhaps sometimes we feel that our personal victories must be won over and over again. Unemployment if we look at it from another point of view, is not the case at all; our robust personal victories are those that nothing and no one can steal.

These victories are the tools of our continued growth. The work, relationships, and houses can be changed, but the serenity and freedom of spirit are among the things that we can will to achieve, preserve or leave.

Freedom involves deciding what we do with our body, with our money and with our vine. If we give up on this decision, someone will be taken by us. If we didn't use or claim our freedom we abandon it. Our lives require our active and creative participation in each moment.

                                                                                                                                          Flo Kennedy 

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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Do not forsake

Do not forsake the desires, to make your life something special. Don't let to believe, that the words and poetry, yes, they can change the world. Whatever happens, our essence is intact, we are beings full of passion.

Life is desert and oasis. We can topple, hurt us, teaches us, makes us protagonists of our own history. Although the wind blow against the powerful work continues: you can make a stanza.

Don't let never to dream, because only in dreams can be free man. Appreciates the beauty of the simple things. Enjoy the panic that it provokes, have life ahead. Ciutat intensively, without mediocrity. He thinks that is in thee, in the future, and faced with the task, with pride and without fear.

Don't let life, you pass without having lived.  

LLuvia Baily

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