Monday, August 10, 2015

** Winning Mentality **

We are what we think. We are worth what we have in mind and soul. We achieve what we dream with intensity.
Only the archaic mind begging, are useless, even with twenty years of age. But you're young mentally. You can achieve your dreams. 
Start doing what is yours, today. Make your best effort becomes your best prayer. 
You intelligence, will, consciousness, all the elements to succeed. If you do not get your hopes is that you did not pay the price. 
Action! Stop sigh and make a martyr!If you do not succeed, you do not want! Do not make excuses. Go to the battlefield. Make your voice heard, assert yourself.

Hair: Lavelle Hair - Browns - Modulus 

Tatoo: [M]A.C. [D]ESIGN & Gangsta  @ Cosmopolitan Bi-Weekly Event

Pants: [Pumpkin] TMP.- Ripped joggers- Blue @ TMD