Tuesday, August 18, 2015

** Fall in love or Love **

Sometimes we confuse our feelings for someone and the worst we forget ourselves that someone , but is it worth to that point? 

We fell in love when we meet someone for whom we attracted and let him or her down the barriers that separate us from others. When we share with that person our feelings and innermost thoughts , we feel that , at last ! made a connection with someone . This feeling gives us great pleasure to our body chemistry changes, inside you will produce substances called Endorphins .We feel happy and walk all day in a good mood and stunned...When we are wanderers or lovers we feel that our partner is perfect and the most wonderful person in the world. That's the difference between infatuation and love.We begin to love when we left of being in love ..What ? 

Yes, Love requires knowing the person , takes time, requires acknowledging the flaws of the beloved, required to see the good and bad of the relationship.Not to say that falling in love is not good, on the contrary, is wonderful. However, it is only the beginning. Many people are addicted to being in love . They end their relationship when the magic of having met someone new disappears when they begin to see flaws in the other person and to realize that it was not as perfect as they thought.True love is not blind . When you love someone you can see their flaws and accept them , you can see its flaws and want to help you overcome them. At the same time that person sees their own flaws and understand. True love is based on reality , not a dream that your Prince Charming encontrastes or your enchanted princess .You find your soul mate , but also the twins discussed and also have differences.To love is to weigh the good and bad of that person and then love it. Love is a conscious decision .We often hear people say they fell in love with someone and you can not help it. What is supposed to be a matter of luck ? What is supposed to magically love ? That someone else is supposed to have power over us ?

 By no means. You feel a great admiration for someone , you may want to have a relationship with someone , you can be grateful for what he has done for you , but .... don't love him...

 Love is born of living together , to share, to give and take, of mutual interests , shared dreams . You can not love someone who does not love you or is not interested in you.TRUE LOVE IS MUTUAL.

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