Monday, August 31, 2015


RED is the color of love , romance and passion, of beautiful roses and blood that carries life. 
The ORANGE is the color of abundance, rich fruit and autumn harvest with glorious sunsets. 
The YELLOW is the color of happiness , the sun and bright flowers. 
GREEN is the color of nature, grass, trees, fields and forest. Just as the Hope.
The BLUE is the color of life, clear sky , the air we breathe and the water that covers the earth. 
The INDIGO is the color of night and dreams. 
The VIOLET is the color of peace and tranquility, deep sea and the faint rays of dawn attractive. 
Life is a beautiful rainbow ... and remember that if you ever want to see a rainbow ... 
You have to tolerate the rain , the storm , the Storm !Don't Forget that there is no greater Rainbow in our lives that those who come to our hearts after the Rain Storm, so enjoy love life... And  make a Rainbow in your heart !

Hair: Tableau Vivant \\ Martin hair - ShinyShabby [August]