Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Not exists a day more beautiful than the day of today!

Today I am alive.
Yesterday I went.
Tomorrow I will be.
Today I am.
The sum of many yesterdays is my past.
My past is made up of happy and sad memories... Some are photographed and now cardboard where I am little, where my parents are still being newly married and my city looks like another.
Yesterday could have been a beautiful day...
but I can not move forward constantly looking back,
because it would run the risk of not seeing the faces of people marching beside me.

Perhaps tomorrow morning even more beautiful...
but I can not move forward facing only the horizon,
as it would run the risk of not seeing the landscape that opens to my around.

For this reason, I prefer today.

I like to step on it with force, enjoy your Sun or thrill me with your cold.
I want to feel every moment tells me "This!"
I know that this is very brief, it will soon, but I will later be unable modify it nor pass it on clean. The present lives in this brief moment. I can not plan too the day tomorrow, as it is a time which still does not exist.
For this reason, today I tell that I love you...
Today I tell you that I love you
today is when I hear,
today I apologize for my mistakes,
today help you if you need me,
today I share what I have,
and today go forward without saving me words for tomorrow.
Because today I breathe, I sweat, I see, I think, I hear,
I suffer, I smell, cry, work, play, River and love. Like you!
Why 'like' and I share with you.

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Nothing is Impossible

Nothing is impossible,
because the dreams of yesterday are the hopes of today
and they can become reality tomorrow.


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Sunday, October 27, 2013

Making love is...

Making love is to walk together in life, overcoming the obstacles that life itself may introduce, grow spiritually and intellectually, evolve together, strengthen ties in common with those little details that sometimes seem silly and insignificant, but which are nevertheless so important to avoid the routine that is the cruelest enemy of love.
As you feel sad, when you feel happy when you feel depressed, when you feel sick, when you feel health and always feel that person next to you, telling you, "I love you" and she answered "I love you more"... in these moments you can say "I made love".

Making love is to reach the end of your life with that person that years ago you won and that has made you feel being more happy and blessed on Earth.

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Go out of you..

If you're who you are, serve, love, give; but you never say that you are more than others. If you're wise, you shut up.
That the world discover the wisdom in ti.In that smile you give the old woman, in that greeting you give to the friend, in that caress you do the child, give yourself!
The world is tired of hearing: "I am", "I do", "I serve"
Ask yourself now: "Who am I?", "What?", "Am where going?"; and I know so wise to teach others in your smallest action, giving all, seems that you don't give anything.

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Saturday, October 26, 2013

Create your own life, find it, and then live it.

Sometimes people come into our lives and quickly we realize that it can happen because it must be so, to serve a purpose, to teach a lesson to discover who we really are to teach us what we want to achieve.
You don't know who these people are, but when you set your eyes on them, know and understand that they will affect your life in a way deep.
Sometimes you spend things that seem horrible, painful and unfair, but you actually understand that if you don't pass these things you would have never realized your potential, strength, or the power of your heart. Everything happens for a reason in life.
Nothing happens by chance or by luck, disease, injury, love, lost moments of greatness or pure nonsense, all occur to test the limits of your soul.
Without these small tests, life would be as a road newly paved, soft and smooth. A road directly aimlessly to no place, flat, comfortable and safe, more blurred and without reason. The people who know affects your life; falls and the triumphs that you experience create the person you are. Even you can learn from bad experiences. What's more, perhaps are the most significant in our lives.
If someone hurts you, betrays you or breaks your heart, you give thanks because it has taught you the importance of forgiving, giving confidence and be more careful of who you open your heart.
If someone loves you, love him your also not because he or she love you, but because you have been taught to love and to open your heart and eyes to little things of life. Make every day count and appreciate each moment, in addition to learning all that you can, because perhaps later you don't have the opportunity to learn what you have to learn from this time. Strikes up a conversation with people with whom you have not ever dialogue, listen and pay attention.
Allow yourself to fall in love, break free and put your view in a loud place. Keep your head high because you have every right to do so. Repeat to yourself that you are a great individual and believe it; If you don't believe in yourself nobody else will do it either.
Create your own life, find it, and then live it... Do not forget that God has a wonderful plan for each of us, and we must learn to discover it.

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:: Always go ahead ::

Life is not easy and we always wake up with the same feeling: that even if you see the glass half empty we must move forward. Let's go on!It is delusional to think that we can ever be totally free of problems because we always have something that bothers us, rob us of sleep, or make us feel dissatisfied with life. Solve a problem as soon discover a new one, or even worse, witness the return of a problem than we thought and exceeded. So much so that it is logical that we sometimes discouraged, losing the will to live day to day, thinking that life will not be surprised or glad ... 
Those thoughts are not good, we do well, and we have to get rid of them for if we live, something we are already doing, it is with joy and hope in each new day. 
After all, not everything is negative, we must also learn to appreciate the good things without taking them for granted.

Each day is a gift, live it well, for the love they have for you is a blessing, not everyone is able to give. Personally I like to believe that people are beings of love, able to give and receive joy to each other. I like to believe that the love I give is received with the same value that I gave it. 
Let us live each day as if it were your last, looking to give love and happiness to those around us, and taking advantage of the opportunities we have to be good to each other.

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Sunday, October 20, 2013

:: Zombies ::

Walker streets ... abandoned by the world, a destination involuntary passenger angry, you learned to lighten your life with the stars of heaven, which is the city home and your bed is the floor you with cold blankets and sometimes rain, you live without dreams and thy days of hardship, vagrant silent victim of your past, companion of loneliness and exile time, the source of indifference and looks low, you live in the trash and you feed crumbs, yesterday I could not sleep because of your sad look in your eyes bright even forgotten I imagined your story, who would you put there? Or what if God had forgotten you, that if you were guilty of yourself or the simple decision to change the fake dreams to live your own hallucination ...

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Have you ever thought ... how perfect you are?

Have you thought about the precision and coordination with working every organ and cell in your body so that you can open your eyes every day life, so you can perform many activities without stopping for more than 10 hours? 

Have not you thought about it?
You are perfect.
Why then not be perfect around you? 
Why your life works so well without you control your breathing, your neurological impulses, your rapid healing before any cuts, each of the movements and actions of your body? 

Everything works fine for there fix your attention.  
There let it flow, let it be. 
Do not put obstacles and interference. 

Also happens to your life if you let it be, if you loose life processes you create concerns, depression, anxiety, anger (those events that call problems and that there are nothing but teachings) you'll see how things really are solution, see how you can find a quick exit. 
Just because you make it the focus of your life. 
Start by thinking that in your life there are no problems but situations to resolve, which address new learning. 
If you see so and stop calling problem, you've won 50 % of the work.

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The word enthusiasm comes from the Greek and means to have a God within himself.
The enthusiastic or excited person is one that is taken by one of the gods , led by their strength and wisdom , and for that reason could transform the nature around and make things happen.
Only enthusiastic people are able to overcome the challenges of everyday life. It is necessary therefore excited to solve the problems that arise and move to a new situation. 

Enthusiasm is not a quality that is built or developed . It is a state of faith, self-affirmation. The enthusiastic person is one who believes in his ability to transform things , believes in herself , believe in each other , believes in the power it has to transform the world and their own reality. It is driven to act in the world , to transform it, moved by the strength and certainty in their actions. 
You need to believe in yourself , the ability to do, to change and transform the world around us...
Stop all the negativity aside , put aside all the skepticism , stop being unbelieving and be enthusiastic with life, with those around us and with yourself.

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Saturday, October 19, 2013

- Learning to be Happy -

Life is as you want to do, nothing is easy, we always find new challenges, and every day is an adventure.  
 Life sometimes hits us so hard that we find it hard to open your eyes in the morning, but in ourselves is the power to make our life something beautiful or choose not to reverse the things that go wrong. There are always things that worth to dream, because that will make us happy.


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The Negative Reviews of People

We know many people throughout our life. Many have been nice, but instead of criticizing , what we do is try to help . We know , we know your heart ... maybe a kind word make a change in their lives. 

Change the world is impossible,but if we change a person,our stay in this lifenot have been in vain. 

How many times have you come across people truly negative ? That kind of person that everything looks bad , misinterprets everything and does not stop at nothing to try to correct your mistakes (errors that only that person perceives, for you inside you feel like you're doing things right ) ...Yes , there are those people who live in a deep well of stubbornness and just try to show them that it is they who are in error , do not see it . They are like little thorns that got there stuck to the soles of the feet and hinder you walk firmly and securely , because the constant criticism is very destructive and you get to affect your emotions and your self-esteem ...What to do about those people? How do I make them understand that they are negative and their condition makes them see things that way ?To begin with , we need psychological help find them , support them so that they learn to see their mistakes , they learn to be different, that they realize that harm others with their attitudes . It is not easy to change , but we need to try. It's sad to see a person act that way , because ultimately loses his friends , because nobody likes to be judged in a negative way ... 

For this reason it is appropriate to help in time ,to channel their life differently ,positively.If you are in touch with peoplewe are only able to see the negative things ,help them change .You who are strong , self-sufficient and have self-assurance , you can help these people . You who are able to see all things in a positive way , because you love it and love everything around you ... help those who fall and supports the needy ...That God will thank you a thousand blessings to your life!

- Credits -

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