Monday, February 23, 2015

We must continue!

It is an illusion to think that we will ever be totally free of problems, because we shall always something that we are uncomfortable with, rob us the dream, or make us feel dissatisfied with life. As soon we solve a problem we will discover a new one, or what is worse, we will witness the return of a problem we thought we'd already passed. So much so that it is logical that we sometimes feel discouraged, losing the illusion by live the day to day, thinking that the life can no longer be surprised nor rejoice…
These thoughts are not good, do us no good, and we have to get rid of them because if we are to live, something that we are already doing, that is with joy and hope in each new day.
After all, not everything is negative, we must also learn to appreciate the good things without take them for granted.

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Saturday, February 7, 2015

Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day, Day of Love and Friendship, the Day of the Carino, Day of the bride and groom ... The truth is that no matter what you call, but that is a day meant to express your love and affection to the people that are important to you.
Since then, it is not a day only for couples. Yes, of course you can tell your husband-boyfriend-couple as soon as you love him and give him something special (and perhaps you also expect receive something from its part), but this day is also perfect to remind your friends, your sister, dad, your grandparents and to all those people who mean a lot for it. Today, you can send them a message, a flower, a card or a hug and tell you that your life is much better because they are part of it.
The Day of Love is all the days, not only the February 14 ... How Many couples have broken the Valentine's Day because your partner has not met with your expectations! Remember, there are many who love much but do not know how put it (we have to "teach" ). There are many people who simply do not understand the importance of small details. There are also many people who prefer to be retailers any other day of the year, but not the February 14.
It is a day to think about your blessings (account and you'll see that there are many). It is a day to smile, to say thank you for all the love that surrounds you. It is a day to realize that friendship, love and love is the most beautiful thing there is.

Happy Valentine's Day! And that our days are filled with love!


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Thursday, February 5, 2015

What has no solution there is to leave it aside

Don't let a cloud you tape the wonderful light of the day, simply accepts that there are things that have no solution and things that you cannot change or have. For your own well, leaves those things aside and enjoy how much or how little you have. It will be better, that makes life worth living happy as well.

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The eyes of the heart

If we look with the eyes of the heart perhaps even we would be fine with the person that said be a friend and that we fault, or we would be better in our relationship with our families. Maybe even we would be willing to grant second chances!

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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Caring for your partner

I'm going to say something that with security is going to bother to many, but that when the explain is going to bother, and that is that sometimes we care more what we have insurance, which is unsafe. He explained to me: I always say, "not overdo both to your family, caring for your partner" and many people are surprised by this.
"But how does that not going to care much to my family? It is my family." - and no, your family, that is your family, is secured, your family, is never lost.
Have you heard someone say "there goes my  ex son, or my ex father"? No, isn't it? But have heard much of, "there goes my ex partner". The parents, children, brothers and the family is the most sure that you have, there is no ex. They are there, and for many years to last without being, for a long time it takes to write or speak, they are always there. 
You cannot say "this lady going there was my mother for 35 years". A mother always is mother, is safe. And what is more, I'm going to say something else, of all loves, which is to build links, of all the bridges, the weaker love that we have is the couple. In a couple there is nothing. That is why there is a need to give everything to stay with something. Having a partner is how to care for a flower.
If a flower is not irrigated, dies, and if it is floated a lot, too. There is to be an artist to take care of a flower.
I do not care for flowers, i am therefore cure. For this reason, the love of father, mother and son is like having a "cují coriano Jewish", nobody the sanctuary, but there is. What we call love is eternal in Pope, in the breast, in a son, and in the friends, who may also be an eternal love. But in a couple is a love daily, have to take care every day.
Whoever holds this beautiful flower, because they know what they have to do, be watered every day so that it is always fresh, radiant and hold until God decides he can take it in this world, and those who don't won't let us have faith that God will give us again a flower for our garden.

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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Love ♥

 Love is when you can't be apart from that someone for a long time… you're always thinking about the person, and when you are with that person never want to say goodbye.
Love is far from being simple. It is quite complex. It is a mixture of everything. Is sadness, joy, passion, hate, enthusiasm; it is almost every feeling that you can imagine and more.
Love grows and strengthens over time; if you find truth, terrified, because if you lose maybe not what you encounter. Be careful and don't be fooled, that true love never goes to damage, lives within us but does not decide to love, when that time comes, you will tell. Maybe freak out on the road because nobody i am saying that it would be easy, but if you dont give up, you will be blessed; in the end, the whole effort will be worth it. Finally you and your heart will be happy, to find that person that her heart will receive, like yours you'll notice.
You know that love is when you find, is that person when you smiles clarifies the day, you can't stop looking at it intently for fear of losing it, is always in your mind, dreaming awake with be on your side, even if it is less than 20 feet of you… and you can't bear it when is not with you, the worst feeling that you feel is when you know that the person you love is not with you…You can't say when love will happen, only you know when it happens, that moment when you put for the first time your eyes in that person, and never want to look the other side… this is love. Nothing less.
Love is not always perfect. This is not a fairy tale or a book of short stories. And not always come easily. 
Love is overcoming obstacles, taking challenges, struggling to be together, holding it and never letting it go. Word is a short, easy to say, difficult to define and impossible to live without it.
Love is work, but above all, love is to realize that every hour, every minute and every second was worth it because you do with a loved one.



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Monday, February 2, 2015

Change a Person

Change the world is impossible, but if we change to a, your stay in this life will not have been in vain!

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