Wednesday, April 30, 2014

The love choose to you

If you're in love with a person who is not in love with it… don't blame to yourself. There is nothing wrong with you, but that love chose not rest in the heart of the other person.

If you find someone that is in love with you, and you re not giving housewives, feel honored that the love came and knocked on your door, but soothingly rejects the gift that you cannot return.

If you fall in love with someone, and this person falls in love with it too, and the love you choose go… do not try to claim it or blame, let it go. There is a reason and a meaning to his time what you'll discover.

Remember that you are the one who chooses to love: 

the love choose to you. 

By what mysterious that is love, when it comes to your life, everything that you can really do is to accept it. Feels like the love fills you up to spill, and then finds a way to share it.  

Give love to the person who gave birth in your life. Dale also love those who are poor in spirit. give around the world in all forms that you can love is larger when it is shared. 

In this many who love make a big mistake, because having been a long time without love, see love as if only it were a necessity. See their hearts as an empty place that needs to be filled with love, and believe that love is something that should flow to them, and not from themselves.

Remember that, and hold it in your heart: love has its own time, their own stations, and their own reasons to come and go. You do not you can bribe, coerce, motivate or insist that the love is remaining. When it arrives, you can only embrace it, share it and distribute it.

But if the love you choose to stop your heart, or the of the one whom you love, there's nothing you can do, and there is nothing you should do.

Love is and will always be a mystery. If at any time the love has entered your life, rejoice for those special days that you lived. Love is so mysterious, and keep your heart open that will be sure to come back to you.  

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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

When God made you a woman, Only it thought of admiring you!

When God made you a woman,
Only it thought of admiring you!not be filled with stars, 
or not even the land of veins, 
nor the streams and rivers have traveled the trails, 
undulating terrain of the  mountains in torrents of mystery ...

When God made woman, 
he thought that serious verse, 
that would write the poets in the nostalgia of a dream; 
receiving the sweetness of the cooing and kisses, 
filled with joy and  luck and fragrance of your breath.

When God made woman, 
he thought that only your body it would be poetry in the air, 
and feeling of desire that men in seeing you; 
yearn for with feeling in a night of dreams, 
the kisses that you can give. 

When God made you a woman,
Only it thought of admiring you! 


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Monday, April 28, 2014

True Friendship

If in the dark is lost your way, if you filled with sadness, If you find yourself only facing a challenge
i will help you to regain the confidence.

If you have cloudy the pain your senses, and you feel that all you have been given the back, and you think they couldn't accounts with friends, I will be for you as a glimmer of hope.

If you feel that everything is already lost, and you don't still have strength to pull the walls, forget the past and walks with me, that a good friend for always accompanies you.

True friendship always exceeds to oblivion, don't hesitate to find me if one day i am strange, I'll wait with the arms outstretched; you can count on me, dear friend of the soul.  


Credits: کvєтlαиα
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Saturday, April 26, 2014

After the Scream

After the scream, with the eyes follow your hand. You take something invisible in the air, you hatts off the nails and compress with all your strength, with anger, with pleasure, with pain, with all your ghosts around you.I wanted to be one of them. Soon because of not enough to be there with you, loving you skin to skin, kiss kiss, installed in the splendour of seeing you and smell you, will give you joy" ... with eyes and hands and mouth. There was something deeper and more lasting, as if in your hands open blow a mysterious door toward the invisible, that place where your ghosts are always your lovers. From there some of them visit your body, often in unexpected ways. I wanted to be one of the entering and leaving well of your dreams, your pleasures, and seem me in your hands suddenly, when you least expect. When even in the skin of any other you discover new depths that, perhaps, are only between your fingers, in the most invisible of them where I wanted to stay i now.
I wanted to help transform myself into one of those listed in your screams, into your hands tight, tense in your teeth, your scratches, in your almost painful joy. After the scream you opened your gate of ghosts and eagerly we love with them until a cry long, happy and sustained, it made me feel that I'd never get out because of that other cry that is invisible to me your body.

                                                                                                                       Dark Tears


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Thursday, April 24, 2014

This is a friend ...

One whose handshake is a bit more firm. 
One whose smile is a little brighter. 
The one whose acts are a little more clear. 
    - This is who I called a friend

Whoever soon gives it asks for. 
One who is the same today and tomorrow. 
The one who will share your same penalty to your joy.
     - This is who I called a friend

The one whose thoughts are a little more pure. 
One whose mind is a little more acute. 
The one who avoids what is sordid and miserable.
    - This is who I called a friend

The One who, when you leave, you strange with sadness. 
The One who, upon your return, you are greeted with joy. 
One whose irritation never makes itself felt. 
    - This is who I called a friend 

The one who is always willing to help. 
The one whose tips were always good. 
The one who does not fear yourself when you attack.
    - This is who I called a friend 

Whoever is blithe when everything seems to be adverse. 
The one whose ideals you've never forgotten. 
The one who always gives more than it receives. 
    - This is who I called a friend 

- Thank You for your friendship!


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