Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Worth It

There are times when we feel that everything is wrong, that our lives sink into an abyss so deep, that is hard to see even a small crack through light pass.

At such times we should take all our love, our courage, our feelings, our strength and fight to survive.

Many times we have wondered if it's worth getting up again, and I can only answer one thing:
Let's make our lives worthwhile.

It's worth it, because I have learned to love with all my heart.

It pays to be in the dark and fall to the depths, because I can not go down, then on everything will be up until it sees the light.

Worth give everything, because every smile and tear are sincere.

Worth head down and put your hands down, because I will be stronger when lifting heart.

Worth a tear, because it is the filter of my feelings, through fragile admit she show me as I am.

Worth making mistakes, because it gives me more experience and objectivity.

Worth going back to lift her head, because a single look can fill that empty space.

Worth going back to smile, because it shows that I have learned something else.

Worth remembering all the bad things that have happened, because they forged who I am today.

Worth turn it back, because that is that I left a mark on the other.

Worth living, because every minute is a chance to start over.

All these are just words, letters intertwined with the sole purpose of giving an idea. The rest, is up to each of us.

Let our actions speak for us.

Let's make our lives worthwhile.


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