Thursday, April 24, 2014

This is a friend ...

One whose handshake is a bit more firm. 
One whose smile is a little brighter. 
The one whose acts are a little more clear. 
    - This is who I called a friend

Whoever soon gives it asks for. 
One who is the same today and tomorrow. 
The one who will share your same penalty to your joy.
     - This is who I called a friend

The one whose thoughts are a little more pure. 
One whose mind is a little more acute. 
The one who avoids what is sordid and miserable.
    - This is who I called a friend

The One who, when you leave, you strange with sadness. 
The One who, upon your return, you are greeted with joy. 
One whose irritation never makes itself felt. 
    - This is who I called a friend 

The one who is always willing to help. 
The one whose tips were always good. 
The one who does not fear yourself when you attack.
    - This is who I called a friend 

Whoever is blithe when everything seems to be adverse. 
The one whose ideals you've never forgotten. 
The one who always gives more than it receives. 
    - This is who I called a friend 

- Thank You for your friendship!


On Svetlana:

PELO: TheMeshProject! (MeshHead)(f) 'Moody' (Deluxe)

MESH ADD-ONS:  TheMeshProject! (MeshHead)(f) 'Moody' (Deluxe)

Hands & Feets: SLINK

Drees: [M] Fringed Dress  Ciel

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Shoes: *Reign.-Wedge Flip Flops- Black

Gloves: [KOOQLA] Ghost Fingers

Ring : *GFD* ~ Knuckle Ring (Infinity) Black [Open Me]

PIERCING: Cute Poison - Animus Piercings v1 (unpacked)

On LLuvia:

Bodysuit: [M] Alexa Bodysuit *04*
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Shorts: ~~[M] Morena Mini Shorts

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Hair: Eaters Coma - HAIR 44 / CHESTNUT

Boots: Flite. -Navigator Low Rider Black

Ears: [MANDALA] Steking Ears

Hands: Slink Mesh Hand Gesture