Thursday, April 17, 2014

It is possible to be happy

All of the bad things can be reversed, if you've ever done something wrong or you think you have done wrong, don't think that necessarily you will pursue until the last of your days; this is not the case, each day that we open our eyes is a new opportunity to return to do things well, a new opportunity to start afresh with our lives.

Returns to make plans, don't let the weariness and boredom you clog the sun, make your days a rebirth, a new opportunity to not commit the same errors of the past. 

He laughs, that always you will do well, will give you life, youth, and you are always contagious to those around you of good vibrations. You will want to and respect for always having the right word, the smile when a face is sad. Be happy for everything you do is done with a lot of love and affection.

                             -You speak your own feelings, you can feel as you like - 

If you feel like crying, don't aloud, crying what you need, let all your feelings springing up so you can release yourself from everything that imprisons you.

Helps those who asks for your council, offers a few words, a result of conversations with people who are doing badly. Don't know how much they are willing to find a person that only tell you that "here I am", "account with me". And although nothing you say, you will feel your protection, someone who knows what they understand by pass. Remember that the heartbreak are those who are continually moving forward, are what it takes to make most of our hearts and our minds. Your support is very important.

Walk for life being a good person, feeling the breeze of the air that touches us when we walked on, if you go through life with that attitude so positive, extending your hands to anyone who needs it, you will be a person that will always be remembered for his great dedication. Remember, not all smile at this time, sadly there are many tears pour out by all sides, come to those who are suffering, leave your mark on this world.




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