Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Today will not be repeated

Intensely lives every moment, which does not mean madly; but pampering each situation, listening to each partner, trying to make every dream positive, looking for the success of the other; and examinandote of the fundamental subject: love. For a day not having wasted lamentes selfishly your capacity to love and give life

Ian Catronis

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Don't sell your happiness

Don't sell your happiness ...
Give it away!
Look no simple formulas or cheap to have it.

The main ingredients of happiness:
Share what you have.
To love without demands.
Forgiving without scars.
Accept without perfections.
Thank what you get.
And I never give up!
Remember harmonize all:
Honeycomb, a little honey.
From the sea, a little salt.
Of life, a touch of optimism.
From the imagination, dreams.
From pain, strong roots.
And rock solid faith.

Why we don't know how to fill our cup?
Why not give all that life can give?
And ..
Hope, sometimes naively, that will give us life, but without paying the price.
Why are not we happy?
Don't forget that the best way to be happy is:
Caring for others to be.
Give without expecting.
Serve with lots of  LOVE

Give lot from us and happiness come alone.
Fill our drink and delight ourselves, being ...

Ian Catronis:

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Friday, August 15, 2014

Open Your Arms

We delivered and feel love, but also enjoy the affection of others, therefore, not far from the people who love you or lift a wall between you and the world, let me express their affection and feel embraced by the bonds of love.
Learn to let yourself be loved. We often think that no one wants, but sometimes we let it manifest.
A good exercise to learn how to receive the affection is to put yourself in the mirror and repeat out loud as you want.

Ask for help.
We all need help at times in our life, but we get it up to us, because in our hand is ask. Don't be ashamed for needing help, let alone claim, for taking this step you show that you know what your problems and how you can fix them.

Ian Catronis

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Friday, August 8, 2014


We settle rather than risk it, not thinking that every day that passes, it will not.

Nothing is written, nothing is impossible, or even possible ... everything depends on our will, of those forces that come from within, ie insiders say that I can face every challenge.

We have the power when we believe, when we are determined, when we really want something.

No obstacle can prevail, if we can go further, if we can get higher, if we can do whatever ... "this must be made only" ...

Life is a beautiful thing, as long as you make your way, without letting anything or anyone opine for you, that your goal in wanting to fix issues.

Never let anyone ruin your life.

Life is one, live it step by step and do not let you do anything, you'll probably regret it and when you know it will be too late.

Nor stop living the dreams and illusions, without them, life is meaningless.

Try to go straight ahead, no turns ...

Don't trust everyone around you sometimes think is the best person in the world, and is actually a real enemy.

Go always with the truth, however painful it is, anyway is worth much more than a lie.

If one day you feel alone, and you want to mourn, do it.

For any problem, don't run away for fear of face, and never forget this: 


Ian Catronis

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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

The Essence

In a relationship what is important and essential is communication.

To every thing there is a solution. Search and try and solve every problem that arises, is holding a conversation to find an agreement, an agreement that suits both.

Making mistakes in decision-making is obvious. Nobody is perfect but the intention of wanting to be, recognizing certain errors is a step that leads to a change.

Love a person will make us sincere, loyal and faithful. You do not mind the pride, recognize guilt, mistakes and learn to apologize when necessary.

Lying in a relationship is only concerned with hurting the other, to break the trust built by the truth.

Honesty is a core value for a couple. Let's be honest we live in the truth, let the other's shoes, because to love is to feel what the other feels.

LLuvia Baily

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Friday, August 1, 2014

Light up your Heart

Each day we have life is a new opportunity to learn to appreciate what we have:
Each day we have our loved ones with us is a blessing.
Each day we have food on our table, is a blessing
Every day we work, is a blessing.
Every day we have a place to live, is a blessing.
Every day we have a bed to sleep, is a blessing.
Each day we have water to bathe, is a blessing.
Every day you bring clean clothes, is a blessing.
Every day you can see around you is a blessing.
Every day you hear all kinds of sounds, is a blessing.
Every day you have arms and legs, is a blessing.
Each day that you have your health, is a blessing.
Every day you have as cover from cold, is a blessing.
Every day that you like taking the heat, is a blessing.
Every day you have to take your thirst water is a blessing.
Every day that you who worry you, it's a blessing every day that you have friends, is a blessing.
Some have more blessings than others, more fortunate to remember the less fortunate, because we never know when we might be less fortunate.
Share a little while and you will be richer because you have learned to appreciate more than you are lucky.
So I invite you to fill your heart Acknowledgments God for all that He has given us for the blessings given to who makes your heart merit to deserve.
We can make these blessings and more are part of our life making us worthy to merit for a good life.

Ian Catronis

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