Thursday, October 3, 2013


I often wonder
Why people fight?
Does it really matter who is right
or who is wrong?
I wonder ...
Are not they just satisfying your ego
while discussing with their so-called "enemies"?
I wonder if life is so long,
Could it be the power of love stronger?
Many times, I wonder ...
How do silly things like ego dominate the love?
Where is the messenger of peace, the beautiful dove?
I wonder, I wonder ...
People find excuses to ruin their own lives,
so strange that even the love
can become reason to make knives,
jealousy, hatred, diplomacy.
Are these the words mad man?
Or ... is it the hunger for more?
We will not be anything better than accumulators things?
Really, I wonder ...
This makes my heart hurt,
  when the clouds of war bring life to become extinct.
The only need is love day.
What we need is love.
What we want is to extend love.
What we collect is love.
Love ... the secret of life!

Love, a small word
but with a very big meaning.

El Amor is the Secret of Life.
We are all hungry for love,
though some hide.

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