Saturday, October 19, 2013

The Negative Reviews of People

We know many people throughout our life. Many have been nice, but instead of criticizing , what we do is try to help . We know , we know your heart ... maybe a kind word make a change in their lives. 

Change the world is impossible,but if we change a person,our stay in this lifenot have been in vain. 

How many times have you come across people truly negative ? That kind of person that everything looks bad , misinterprets everything and does not stop at nothing to try to correct your mistakes (errors that only that person perceives, for you inside you feel like you're doing things right ) ...Yes , there are those people who live in a deep well of stubbornness and just try to show them that it is they who are in error , do not see it . They are like little thorns that got there stuck to the soles of the feet and hinder you walk firmly and securely , because the constant criticism is very destructive and you get to affect your emotions and your self-esteem ...What to do about those people? How do I make them understand that they are negative and their condition makes them see things that way ?To begin with , we need psychological help find them , support them so that they learn to see their mistakes , they learn to be different, that they realize that harm others with their attitudes . It is not easy to change , but we need to try. It's sad to see a person act that way , because ultimately loses his friends , because nobody likes to be judged in a negative way ... 

For this reason it is appropriate to help in time ,to channel their life differently ,positively.If you are in touch with peoplewe are only able to see the negative things ,help them change .You who are strong , self-sufficient and have self-assurance , you can help these people . You who are able to see all things in a positive way , because you love it and love everything around you ... help those who fall and supports the needy ...That God will thank you a thousand blessings to your life!

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