Saturday, December 27, 2014

To be strong

Don't see in the obstacles a source of problems, discovers in them the chance to beat you and pit them against each other with courage.

 Ian Catronis

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Friday, December 19, 2014

Judge without knowing

When someone speaks evil of another person and tells us horrible things of it or, later, if we have the opportunity to meet that person, we already have a preconceived idea of how it is that person, and therefore, our way of seeing him will be influenced by the comments that we have heard.

We have never seen such a person, we have never known… and just because someone said it was in that way we judge and do not look with good eyes the pleasure to meet you. The same thing happens in all areas, we are presented with a man and then we say that it is not worth, which is a womanizer, which is irresponsible, that do not know how to do anything, that it is loose, and at the end… the same, we deem him even without being given the opportunity of letting you speak, or at least have the doubt that these people are as well.

I think friends, that we must always give an opportunity to the people, and try to know them before sending them right to our black list.

Nor should we go around speaking ill of others, it is possible that some day sawest thou hurt someone and I don't think that you like why platform speaking bad about you and encasillandote in such a way that other people still juzgandote platform without knowing yourself.

Just imagine that God will judge us in such a way? It is impossible this assertion because even knowing us, God does not love with all our major defects, with all our evil, and with all our bitterness we have inside. So why do we harm to our fellow human beings? Why not give the opportunity of forgiveness, you tell it we want to spite of everything bad that has taken us? Wouldn't it be a world more wonderful that we could all talk, dialog with the people that we have problems with our relatives, brothers, and friends?

Life is full of setbacks that make us fall again and again, but these errors do not have to define ourselves. Taking a little bit of goodness in our hearts, we are certain that we will become better people. To forgive those who speak evil of us, as God forgives us, and not talk about evil of others.

Do not judge friends, that after similarly will judge us to us. And we have a lot of care to speak ill of others. It is always better to keep quiet to say too much, especially when it comes to criticism.

Ian Catronis

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Thursday, December 18, 2014

Although the life treat you poorly, your always smiles

"My life has not been easy. I have not given any happy ending, but I am still struggling to change my life. Smile when, although not giving me reasons. Because nothing can make me a bitter person… because my happiness is within me."

Perhaps not the life has given you enough so you can feel happy. And perhaps you think that the life punishes you for one reason or another… but it is not as well. You have to learn to be happy with what you have and don't have.

Please check out the mirror, despite all the bad things that seems to you see in yourself, in your face if there is beauty. Outlines a smile and see how your eyes are happy… Only with a small smile, even forced, you will notice how each part of your body reacts to happiness…
 And that is life: if you are happy, your whole body the note and respond positively to this feeling of happiness. Your skin is radiant, your eyes are filled with a special brightness that makes you full of that "something" that the other likes and makes them flip the gaze to look at…

That person is positive that with his smile always gives good vibrations, a person who feels happy is palpable.

Many times we have been on the inside so many problems that until the skin it note and becomes opaque, our gaze is sad and our lips remain rigid and we do not feel good… What could possibly be more important than love, pampering and caring for yourself? NOTHING! Nothing is more important…

Use your free time only in the things you really like and fills you with peace: a good book, listen to music, to go to the gym… so many things to get make you feel good, disconnect and relax…     
Do not let this make you mad world had become mentally unstable. Quite the opposite! Show yourself strong, with safety, happiness and fullness that personal life… don't wrap yourself in the stress. Don't be caught in situations that make you feel out of it…
Provides for your environment, see your beautiful interior and date that you're not a either, you're special ... and now smiles. And that… that you will be reborn to life.

 Ian Catronis

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There will always be a tomorrow

Today there are feelings of failure, pain, betrayal and slander…

Failure leads to dejection: We darkens the lives and causes that we lose the way. 
When the pain bites us, we forget all that lived and we think that we can never again smile. 
The betrayal of those who believed more faithful leads us to desilusionarnos of friendship and to fall into doubt. The slander makes us feel as helpless children closed their eyes to the threat and will shrink to the stature of the dust…
Feel and experience these things is horrible… it's like in the nights of sleeplessness in that it never seems to arrive the morning. It is as well. We know by experience.
And it is the time when we need irrigating with our tears in the hope that our garden has always be the last flower that will wither. Because there is no night so long able to stop a new day. Or "there is evil that lasts a hundred years". It is good to think that when it rains that sadness fertilize it land in the spring. Remember that a radiant health matters more than the Tajo painful of a scalpel.

When someone insults us us cowardly and stoned the orchard, we run the risk of forgetting that tree stoned again flourish and bear fruit without getting tired of giving… in the middle of the night, when we cover the penalty and defeat. When evening comes the disillusionment. When we die the laughter as the sun. When we turn off a flame that we have alot of care to light in the darkness… both comforts and excites to remember: there is always a tomorrow.   

Ian Catronis

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Tuesday, November 11, 2014


The things after a time they are never the same, never the people is the same as the other day, the habits are changing, the habits will be doing one, the routine we will be eating every day, the obligations are more each day, the laughs are perhaps less, the caresses are becoming few and kissing garters ...

This is life, a journey full of colors, aromas, climates, feelings ... suddenly there are days when everything is rosy with sweet scent, however there are also days of gray with the aroma of old, musty

There are warm days as the spring, but there are also cold nights as the winter. There are moments of joy, laughter, dreams, goals ... there are moments of faces sad and cries, of offenses, of temper ... A couple's relationship is as well because it is you are doing each day, minute by minute, is a story that is not written.

And sometimes, however, do not have the ability or the time to stop our routine two minutes and assess each and every one of these small joys of life.
Sometimes do not have the courage to look outside of our area and see that there are beautiful things to look, and see that things are not so beautiful, you can also learn.

Takes two minutes of your life, only two minutes, and think of everything that we have, in all the love that is in the air only for through breathing, all the smiles that sometimes you don't see to be with the attention to other things, all eyes so deep, all the words that didn't hear, all the aromas, all of the textures, all the colors.

   Ian Catronis: 

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Friday, November 7, 2014

The men also speak

Thought: If we start from the fact that; "everything we have, is to ourselves". And what we all want, is to find our partner. I excerpted some of my inner feelings, and came to transcribe below.

I do not want I want,I want to love me, to love you.. 
I want to be petted, will give you joy" ... for power. 
I want to be pampered, to be able to pamper yourself.
i didn't fight, don't be jealous, 
only get my isolation, 
I don't want to fight, not discuss with whom he loved,
if doing so is like saying that never loved you.

We merge in only one being, 
in one flesh. 
Let us make love, our symphony. 
We live and enjoy the love. 
We have a lot of character, 
but to others, or to defend our love.

Let's talk about, let us be clear, 
let's never attack us, because the words hurt. 
With Me, woman, I am not going to fight, because. 
"What one does not want to, two cannot". 
Let us learn from ourselves.

Perhaps, by not putting in the couple, the exact figure of 50% each, we are alone. 
We do not want change, each one is different and each has its own history.
¡ accept us as we are !
If this is achieved, then live together in harmony . 

Ian Catronis

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