Friday, December 19, 2014

Judge without knowing

When someone speaks evil of another person and tells us horrible things of it or, later, if we have the opportunity to meet that person, we already have a preconceived idea of how it is that person, and therefore, our way of seeing him will be influenced by the comments that we have heard.

We have never seen such a person, we have never known… and just because someone said it was in that way we judge and do not look with good eyes the pleasure to meet you. The same thing happens in all areas, we are presented with a man and then we say that it is not worth, which is a womanizer, which is irresponsible, that do not know how to do anything, that it is loose, and at the end… the same, we deem him even without being given the opportunity of letting you speak, or at least have the doubt that these people are as well.

I think friends, that we must always give an opportunity to the people, and try to know them before sending them right to our black list.

Nor should we go around speaking ill of others, it is possible that some day sawest thou hurt someone and I don't think that you like why platform speaking bad about you and encasillandote in such a way that other people still juzgandote platform without knowing yourself.

Just imagine that God will judge us in such a way? It is impossible this assertion because even knowing us, God does not love with all our major defects, with all our evil, and with all our bitterness we have inside. So why do we harm to our fellow human beings? Why not give the opportunity of forgiveness, you tell it we want to spite of everything bad that has taken us? Wouldn't it be a world more wonderful that we could all talk, dialog with the people that we have problems with our relatives, brothers, and friends?

Life is full of setbacks that make us fall again and again, but these errors do not have to define ourselves. Taking a little bit of goodness in our hearts, we are certain that we will become better people. To forgive those who speak evil of us, as God forgives us, and not talk about evil of others.

Do not judge friends, that after similarly will judge us to us. And we have a lot of care to speak ill of others. It is always better to keep quiet to say too much, especially when it comes to criticism.

Ian Catronis

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