Friday, June 27, 2014

The days of gray

There are, of course. And very frequent! 

There are days in which the sun is shining and life continues as always: things have not changed, nothing urgent we lack in appearance and however ... We feel bad, as incomplete, as ... inadequate, as discouraged and strange.

That day in that you open your eyes and you don't know that, you bring a discouragement that tea was born in the dream, which you grew up in the top of the night and filter to your soul thanks to who knows what associations dark and distressing. That day when you wake up hill work. Yesterday was so good! That day in that anticipate that nothing is going to go as you wanted, that day that it is not color, whose first hours are lax, apprehension or slight anxiety.

That day is a day that gray was born. 

You can never avoid this. The chemistry of our body, the inertia of our psyches, the reaction of unknown factors internal to stimuli that do not discover yet, we want to paint this day of gray. Gray opaque. Gray depressive. Passive Gray. Gray marginal. 

But ... 

What if you can do, as soon as possible, is to take yourself, yourself, the decision to activate your own brushes and to benefit from this neutral gray for newswire of various figures: green arrows, golden curves, zig-zags white, blue dots! You can convert in a few seconds or minutes that sad panorama achievable in a desire, a hymn that you stimulate, a silence that you talk. 

There is no days of gray ... All are created equal! 

Who gives them color yourself. Who is able to rejoice with the rain or admire the tempest, you. Who Cried under the glorious sun or a wonderful sky, you. Because they are not the days you give color. You are the one who can paint like you want, each day.

If you feel that begins all gray ... I just make up your mind and fill it with color! 

Close your eyes. Breathe deeply, think clear ... Oh and lives as never today! 

Get the best colors of life are always within yourself! Open our eyes to another day, it is a gift that not always going to have. 


Top: [LDP] -B&W- Tribal CropTop - Lubbly Jubblies!

Short: B.C.C Give love shorts Dark Blue - Summerfest '14

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Anklet Jewel: *PerveTTe* Anklet [Crown]

Feets: Slink AvEnhance Feet Female High

Hands: Slink Mesh Hand Gesture


Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Anyone that makes you feel bad you deserve.

If you do not receive love, if these fall to the wayside, if your partner doesn't appreciated, if all are critical toward it and if everything was in broken promises that the wind… then you will receive less than what you deserve and need.

Anyone that makes you feel bad you deserve.

Many times we neglect the love so we left, we think our partner, and just but without caring so only those problems we have. When this happens, each person in the couple tends to move away from the other, their hearts were alienated from and everything ends up in broken promises… falls off in very sad shape, it takes a great deal of time to wait that become eternal, plans and dreams that at the end are in the nothing…

- Only promises the wind-

It is hard to retrieve the time, but the saddest thing of love, is that although each person loves differently, always expect that we love as we love. But that is very difficult, only you know love in that way; when you're feeling empty and absence of love, then it is time to move away, thinking that the words were no such thing as well that to return to live and start life without that person.

Anyone that makes you feel bad you deserve.

No one should leave you breathless desire of nothing, the person who loses is the one which will be, because you never you've ever been, only that you're not able to appreciate, there is that I forgot to give this relationship…   

Anyone that makes you feel bad you deserve.


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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

It is never too late to change for the better

In the course of life we take many decisions that affect our lives. But we can always change what we don't like, especially things that we do not like in ourselves. Each day we can make changes, build our destination, a new start and fight for what we want.

It is never too late to make our life is different, there are no limits for you, you must believe and get to where you want, you are the master of your time and heart.

Change everything that you don't like it, do not respect both the rules of life, that limiting you and doesn't let you be free. Go for where you want to go, always travels lightweight luggage, ready to change your life, with all the desire to live life in its fullness. You don't mind the "Say" because of all modes always speak whatever you do.

Get everything positive that there is within it. Get the value and the energy that you have in your interior, you could eat the world if you so like.

It is surprising to people doing great things, that if they talk about it do so with admiration, with a little envy. Breathe and feel as it flows within the life, such as the beautiful things that are outside you are waiting for you. Only lack that you decide to do things differently.   

Suffered  already? Do you already wept? 
Already you dry the life waiting for who never got? 

Today you must be reborn resplendent, with the desire to live, to love and to forgive; because life is not worth it if you pass by dragging heavy chains, nobody so worth it.

Look in your interior and convince that the day has arrived in which you must rise from the ashes. Decide to live life as you dreamed it could, as the courageous woman you are.

Gives you permission to feel what you've never dared, i hope that they intersect in your life many new people, with new aires to replace everything you asphyxiated now. Live with a sense of pride in who you are, ten strength and the will to say NO to what makes you evil to give way to a new life. You and only you can make your life so wonderful, that is something that is in your hands

Life is a single and it needs to be lived in the best possible way. Always have the strength to start each day with the hope that can be your great day….


Dress: [LF] Lace Long Dress Red W/ Appliers TBS

Hair: TRUTH HAIR Jenna -  blondes

Shoes: ~~[M] Isis-Slingback pump NEW!!

Anklet Jewel: *PerveTTe* Anklet [Crown]

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Friday, June 20, 2014

Excuse me but do not

Excuse me but do not,  I do not need a fashion for my identity, i seen of sincere and i am not so bad, and I bring to the extent my authenticity.

Excuse me but do not. I don't need the money to know who I am, I am free as the wind and that makes me happy; very happy. What, you do not?

Excuse me but do not. I do not need a rule to speak with God, we are very good friends and we like vary, and gives us good result the sincerity.

Excuse me but do not. I don't need a permission for me to love, that if I have and I want to deliver without calculating and without waiting.

The men were greatly complicate joining nonsense on a truth, to put all conditions and nobody is free if you want to love. Lift up thy wings, flies, please note that all is vanity, and fight for your dignity.

Excuse me but do not. I don't need a test of manhood, time has taught me that a man is one that conquest and to know how to be faithful. 

Excuse me but do not. I don't need a applause for feel good ... only the one who is insecure you need disguise with a heap of alagos their insecurity.    

Excuse me but do not. I don't need borders, i hate the division, i am a citizen of the world ... i'm just me. If that bothers you ... forgive me please. 



Hair: TRUTH HAIR Oceana -  browns Collabor88

Dress: La Penderie de Nicole:Croisiere Dress:Black Collabor88

Shoes: ~~[M] Isis-Slingback pump NEW!!

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Thursday, June 19, 2014

When there is friendship

When there is friendship, all thoughts, all desires, all hopes are born and behave in spontaneous joy.

When you live by a friend, don't freak out because what more of the housewives in the will become more clear in his absence; as well as the mountain is more clear from the plains to the mountain.

And don't let more purpose in the friendship that the consolation of the spirit.

To the best of it for your friend. They know the waning of your tide, but they also know your growing. Because what friend is the one you're looking for to kill the hours? Always look out for it to live out the hours. Because there is to meet your needs, not your emptiness. And it allows shared laughter and pleasures of the sweetness of the friendship, because in the dew of the small things of the heart finds its dawn and cools.


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