Wednesday, June 4, 2014

If all roads coming to Rome, how do you exit of Rome?

Sometimes, think about it too much and feel too little. 

My grandfather always said, if someone wants to seriously be part of your life, will do the impossible by being in it, although in a certain way, we lose sight screens between the value of the gazes, forgetting that when someone we spend their time, we are giving away the only thing that it will not recover ever.

AND is that the life they are moments, you know? Now that I am here, and tomorrow morning i don't know. So I wanted to tell you that if you ever want to something, if you want something of truth, therefore sees without looking back, looking at the fear of face and eyes, surrendering him everything and giving soul, drawing the child in you, the one that believes in the impossible and that would give the Moon by touching a star. So I don't know what will be my tomorrow, but this sun will always be the same as yours. 

That friends are the family that we chose, and I choose thee, I choose it to be masters of the wrinkles that i will have on the lips of old, handsome and strong for all these years by your side, by the sleepless nights, the festivals, the laughter, the secrets and the loves of the past. Your hugs as well because if, without coming to story or have something to celebrate because.

AND is that all this time i realized, that the small details that make the big things.

You've made my infinite limit. So I would like to thank you for being the only person capable of making me cry laughing. To appear in my life with that smile crazy, by the sparkle in the eyes capable of fighting against a million of tsunamis. So no, I don't know where we will be within 10 years, or how do you get out of Rome. I can't ensure anything. But I promise you, that whatever happens, wherever you are, I'm going to remember it all his life, and for this reason, my Moon is going to be with you always .Because your, i overwhelmed you taught us to live each day as the first day of the rest of my life. And that, that I am not going to never forget.    


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