Saturday, June 7, 2014

The criticism of the negative people

We know many people throughout our lives. Many have not been pleasant, but rather than criticize, we have to do is try to help them. Don't know, we do not know your heart…perhaps one kind word make a change in their lives.

How many times you've encountered people really negative? That kind of person that everything looks bad, that everything wrongly interpreted and will stop at nothing to try to correct your errors (errors that only that person perceives, because in your inside you feel like you're doing the right things)…

Yes, there are those people who are living in a deep pit of stubbornness and by more than try to make them see that they are in error, don't see that. They are like tiny spines that you have there glued to the soles of the feet and that you prevent walk strong and secure, because the constant criticism is very destructive and you get to affect your emotions and your self-esteem…

So what can be done to these people? How do I make them understand that they are negative and his condition makes them see things this way?

To begin, we need seek psychological help, support them so that they learn to see their errors, you can learn to be different, that they realize that damage to third parties with their attitudes. Change is not easy, but we need try again. It is sad to see a person act in this way, because you are finally losing their friends, because nobody likes to be judged in a negative way…

For that reason, it is opportune time to help them, to channel your life differently, in a positive way. 

If you are in contact with people who are only able to see the negative things, help them to change   

You who are strong, self-reliant and you own safety, you can help these people. You are able to see all the things in a positive way, because love and with this love all around you… to which drops and supports the needy… that God will thank you with a thousand blessings to your life!


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