Saturday, June 7, 2014

Reflection of a wise woman

They say that to a certain age the women we are invisible, that our role in the scene of life declines, and that we become nonexistent for a world in which only the impetus of the young.

I don't know if i'll become invisible to the world, it is very likely, but i was never so aware of my existence, i have never felt as hero of my life, and i never enjoyed both every moment of my existence as now.

I discovered that I am not a princess in a fairy tale, i discovered the human being that I am simply, with its miseries and their greatness. I discovered that I can't afford the luxury of not being perfect, being filled with defects, have weaknesses, of certainty, of doing things wrong does not respond to the expectations of others. And in spite of this .... ¡Cares About me a lot!

When I look in the mirror no longer sought to which I was ... smiled at the i am now.

I am pleased to see the road we have travelled, i assume my contradictions. I feel that I need to greet the young woman who i went with affection, but leave it to one side because now I am getting. Your world of illusions and fantasies, i am no longer interested in:

Gee, I really live without the obsession with perfection!

How nice not to feel this anxiety that produces permanent running after dreams! 

"Life is so short and the craft of experiencing it is so difficult, that when one begins to learn the language, there are already to die." 



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