Saturday, June 14, 2014

To Do good without looking at who!!

What is this "to do good without looking at who"? Very easy, is that doing things by someone simply make, without waiting for acknowledgments.

Do not seek recognition and appreciation… do what has to be done. Its time to God we appreciate everything we do.

Many times the people who are in our environment does not realize how much we do to be with them:

I have a friend who is always in trouble, and they don't realize that it is wrong in the way they act. In spite of everything, I am forgiving. It is sad, but it seems that every time you have a chance to give thanks, instead of always come out with a new criticism.

I know that it hurts a lot, but in life there are people as well, think they have the right to everything and leave no margin for error.

If we have a friend who is experiencing a bad love, someone you should not, by all possible means we try to tell you that is not what you are doing, but you don't case because it does not go beyond what is living ... in spite of everything, we remain at your side because we know that we need.

When we are children and we help our parents, it is never enough: you can give everything but that does not make you better in their eyes. You may have a brother that makes no effort to respond to your parents, and in spite of this, your parents seem to appreciate you more than you that are always with them. And this happens in all the fields, we do not know to thank what gives us without conditions.

Sometimes we have friends who are very possessive, want all our time for themselves, and although you're giving always require you to do more, and that is mentally exhausting, it is very draining.

Why always i think it is good to help people who need us, but avoiding to address a single, because we desgata much and will never be enough, either for friends, parents, brothers… 

God in his infinite love gives us the ability to deliver a lot of love without expecting anything for anyone, but that does not mean that it is something that never tires and exhausts. You may know what it means to live with someone as well, never be able to fill the bags of these people will always be empty bags because they are without substance.       

The only thing that remains is to do good without expecting anything in return, because your prize comes from heaven. 

The love of our Lord, who will bless you with a nice home, with a good love, with good friends… this will be the reward of our sacrifice to try to satisfy all what we love, but when it is not prepared is like planting in the desert…


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