Monday, June 16, 2014

Caring for your partner

I'm going to say something that with security is going to bother to many, but that when the explain is going to bother, and that is that sometimes we care more what we have insurance, which is unsafe. He explained to me: I always say, "not overdo both to your family, caring for your partner" and many people are surprised by this.

- "But how does that not going to care much to my family? It is my family." -

And no, your family, that is your family, is secured, your family, is never lost.

Have you heard someone say 
"there goes my former son, or my former father"? 

No, isn't it? But have heard much of, 
 "there goes my former partner".  

The parents, children, brothers and the family is the most sure that you have, there is no ex. They are there, and for many years to last without being, for a long time it takes to write or speak, they are always there.

You cannot say "this lady going there was my mother for 35 years". A mother always is mother, is safe. 

And what is more, I'm going to say something else, of all loves, which is to build links, of all the bridges, the weaker love that we have is the couple. In a couple there is nothing. That is why there is a need to give everything to stay with something. Having a partner is how to care for a flower.  

If a flower is not irrigated, dies, and if it is floated a lot, too. There is to be an artist to take care of a flower.

What we call love is eternal da in Dad, in the breast, in a son, and in the friends,Caring for your partner to that love is eternal, which also can be an eternal love. But in a couple is a love daily, have to take care every day. 

Whoever holds this beautiful flower, because they know what they have to do, be watered every day so that it is always fresh, radiant and hold until God decides he can take it in this world, and those who don't won't let us have faith that God will give us again a flower for our garden.


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