Saturday, June 14, 2014

What is a Dad?

A Dad, what is called Dad, it is a superhuman, because you can promptly respond with a question about biology, followed by one of mathematics. It is a super hero who disguises himself as a Superman and reveals himself hoping that their children will return to the feast.

A dad is a strange combination of reason and feelings, is the one that knows how to tell when it is not fair and know how to say yes when it is desirable.

A dad or sweetly sing hard when fulfills his duty and walks tiptoe in the night hiding little body cold. It is the only one in the house that pursues a mouse up to catch him, as well die of fear on the inside. 

A Dad is a strangler fig that seems to be hard on the outside and is pure sweet in its interior, is a director of orchestra, is the manufacturer of a nest, is the teacher of the school of life. The Popes have a wallet full of photos, cards, phones, appointments, commitments, less money. 

A Dad has a lot of breast although have man's body. If there is to change diapers, the changes, when the child cries, he is the refuge, when the child laughs, he is the company. 

Be Dad is play in the life the role of king, not a kingdom; but the love, understanding and reason. 

Happy Father's Day


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