Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Love each other with the eyes open

Perhaps the expectation of instant happiness that we usually endilgarle link to couple this desire of exultancia, is due to a stretching of the illusory moment of love.

When one falls in love with in reality do not see the other as a whole, but that the other works like a screen where the boyfriend projected their idealized aspects. 

The feelings, unlike the passions, are more durable and are anchored to the perception of external reality. The construction of the love begins when I can see that I have in front, when I discover the other. It is there when love replaces the love.

Past that initial moment begin to come to light the worst parts mine that also in the project. Loving someone is the challenge of undo those projections to truly relate to the other. This process is not easy, but it is one of the most beautiful things that are happening or that we help to occur.

We talk about love in the sense of "we care about the well-being of the other". 

Nothing more and nothing less. How to love, like the well-being that invades body and soul and that takes hold when i get to see the other without wanting to change it.  

More important than the manner of the other, care about the welfare that i feel at his side and well-being by my side. The pleasure of being with someone who deals with that one this good, who sees what we need and enjoy in so doing liberates us, it really makes the love.

A couple is more than a decision, is something that happens when we feel united with another in a different way. I could say that from the pleasure of being with another we took the decision to share a large part of our life with that person and we discovered the pleasure of being together. Although you need to know to find a companion of path is not sufficient; it also requires that the person is capable of nourishing ourselves, as we already said, that in fact it will be an effective aid in our personal growth.

Welwood said that true love exists when we love so we know that that person can become, not only for what it is.

"Love is rather a relationship in which the other person is not actually recognized as truly another, but rather felt and understood as if it were a double of yourself, perhaps in the male version and eventually equipped with features that correspond to the idealised image of what one would like to be. In love there is a i love to see me reflected in it ." 
                                                                                                                                  Mauritius Abadi. 

Falling in love is to love the coincidences, and Amar is in love with the differences.


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