Saturday, November 1, 2014

!!!! Death is not exceeded, hugs !!!!

Not in vain they say that in this life everything has solution less death. When a being dies that we love deeply feel a pain that we transferred the soul and our heart breaks in countless bits of frustration forever lose to that special someone that caressed our being with each glance.

What can be more painful? Do you know that we can never return to see him? Does that bunch of words that always wanted to say and we could not? Does the fact that we are here and they do not? How to ask the soul that does not weep for as many absences?

We would like to be in peace, knowing that those who died went to a better place, where you find the peace and harmony that we all seek… But instead of thinking as well, we are suffering here, thinking about the pain we feel and shedding tears more bitter that we never thought we shed. Just as we would like to give your time and make so many things that could be daunted the sadness and heaviness that is in our hearts!

We know that one day death will come, either by the ineffable over the years, or by the hapless accidents and illnesses that occur. But we are never prepared to live without that person who owns our soul, it is as if you were asked to begin to die in life, that what you'd like printable that won't go.

How do I curb that dark void into which you fall when you see the grim coffin? How calming the spirit when after that cold glass you see to the person who wears smile so many times? How to erase the hopes of believe that it was a mistake when you see your family crying over this inert coffin? How does not collapse to have to accept what so many times we wanted to dodge?

There are no words or consolations that reach to give light to the darkness that envelope you. Why do you think that everything is going to happen? What is the policy of this life is to leave behind even to those we love and we loved him so much? The comments of those listeners become so superfluous, so monotonous and uninteresting sense: what they don't understand that the pain of the death of a loved one is not a fact easy to assimilate?

And that word arrives that you wanted that did not exist: The resignation.

But what is the resignation? Remember that there are things that we do not have in our hands and that we must simply live? Does the resignation clears the sadness? There are so many mixed feelings, we can't imagine keep breathing without the presence of the other person… But even if we do not want, we must begin to accept the situation and to load with the responsibilities of what we did or failed to do.

But do they know a thing? There is something that it is true in so many words that you hear: the person who died did not like that proved to cause of their departure. That be he loved us and the love is not suffering, surely there is someone you want to see suffer to the people he loves? But we are people who cannot avoid that swirl of sadness and tears.

Death is not something that exceeds, is something that is accepted. You may not find the exit in a long time, you may not overcome the absences in many months…

But there is something that not even death breaks: love, and although we can no longer see the other person, nor feel its aroma, or hear their voice, or look into the eyes, nor embrace physically, we can always close our eyes to remind you, to tell you from our hearts that we miss him, love him, that we will forgive me, that embraces us.

And from there, is where the real consolations are born: from the eternity of a feeling and not from the ephemeral of a mortal life. Embrace your pain, surely the time, such as grand master, will show you the way to healing your soul, because you're not a be of years, you are a being of Eternities.          

Ian Catronis

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