Friday, November 7, 2014

The men also speak

Thought: If we start from the fact that; "everything we have, is to ourselves". And what we all want, is to find our partner. I excerpted some of my inner feelings, and came to transcribe below.

I do not want I want,I want to love me, to love you.. 
I want to be petted, will give you joy" ... for power. 
I want to be pampered, to be able to pamper yourself.
i didn't fight, don't be jealous, 
only get my isolation, 
I don't want to fight, not discuss with whom he loved,
if doing so is like saying that never loved you.

We merge in only one being, 
in one flesh. 
Let us make love, our symphony. 
We live and enjoy the love. 
We have a lot of character, 
but to others, or to defend our love.

Let's talk about, let us be clear, 
let's never attack us, because the words hurt. 
With Me, woman, I am not going to fight, because. 
"What one does not want to, two cannot". 
Let us learn from ourselves.

Perhaps, by not putting in the couple, the exact figure of 50% each, we are alone. 
We do not want change, each one is different and each has its own history.
¡ accept us as we are !
If this is achieved, then live together in harmony . 

Ian Catronis

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