Saturday, May 30, 2015

**The criticism of the negative people**

We know many people throughout our lives. Many have not been pleasant, but rather than criticize, we have to do is try to help them. Don't know, we do not know your heart…perhaps one kind word make a change in their lives.
How many times you've encountered people really negative? That kind of person that everything looks bad, that everything wrongly interpreted and will stop at nothing to try to correct your errors (errors that only that person perceives, because in your inside you feel like you're doing the right things)…
Yes, there are those people who are living in a deep pit of stubbornness and by more than try to make them see that they are in error, don't see that. They are like tiny spines that you have there glued to the soles of the feet and that you prevent walk strong and secure, because the constant criticism is very destructive and you get to affect your emotions and your self-esteem…
So what can be done to these people? How do I make them understand that they are negative and his condition makes them see things this way?
To begin, we need seek psychological help, support them so that they learn to see their errors, you can learn to be different, that they realize that damage to third parties with their attitudes. Change is not easy, but we need try again. It is sad to see a person act in this way, because you are finally losing their friends, because nobody likes to be judged in a negative way…
For that reason, it is opportune time to help them, to channel your life differently, in a positive way. 
If you are in contact with people who are only able to see the negative things, help them to change   
You who are strong, self-reliant and you own safety, you can help these people. You are able to see all the things in a positive way, because love and with this love all around you… to which drops and supports the needy… that God will thank you with a thousand blessings to your life!

Thursday, May 28, 2015

**We should all get a letter **

It is not in that part of the world you are, or who you will be; but somehow someone made you get this letter that now you read on your screen. This letter is written for it: man or woman, young or old… what more da, if it is for you?

I write these lines for a person who knows what that is the loneliness. This letter is for those who need a hug or a simple greeting. A person who can take advantage of these words, and that with them you can animate. A person who has seen any morning clear their mistakes and their consequences. Someone still in the desire to be another way, always comes in the same stone, the one that surprises us because it is part of what we really are, but do not suspect.

I am writing to discover who is often excited, with the heart running as a grinder of wishes but without acknowledging where it comes from such wind excited.

Someone well, means that some days the world is very softly and other imprisons its shadow. Also know how to understand the heavy days and near-continuous scatter in which we find ourselves stranded, without direction or path and we need someone to our side grip the rudder. It will be recognized in that effort of rowing, rowing, and paddle to that of new earth appears on the horizon.

This letter is for those who feel all this and much more, but they did not dare to leave hear these rhythms of the soul in samba.

You see, friend, unknown person, I was thinking about how beautiful it would be that the whole world, another person had written him a letter or dedicated a poem, it inspired, created by its mere existence. And that all people would have had the sense that someone else be the remembered with affection, and not by the most beautiful thing that would have shown, but still having taught the monster which also host. 

The reason for this letter yourself. No longer will you be one of those to whom the writer Nobel prize, Elias Canetti, referred when he said: "Nobody is more solitary that anyone who has never received a letter". With all my love, this letter is for you.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

**I am not perfect **

If we were perfect we would need no words of encouragement, tips or friends. I am glad that I did not do so and be able to send beautiful things like this. 
If this seems perfect.
I am not perfect, and I am glad NOT TO BE 
imagined the perfect life ... I wanted to imagine what it would be my life still in this world, being a perfect human being, without sorrows, without gaps, without the need to love and feel loved; taking everything on hand, to achieve this without the slightest effort, still holder of a perfect image and figure in the eyes of others; feeling the power in my hands (after all, that is what we dream we yearn and human beings).
And then imagine what it would be my life as well, think about it was not a dream but a nightmare from which immediately wanted to awaken… I ran to the mirror to see me, and looking at my image and rediscover who i am, I said with the voice of relief:

Oh, I am not perfect! 
If I don't ever go wrong, it might not be able understand the errors who also commit other, live judging them, and i would stay only, because it does not find anybody that i could match.

If my image and figure, they were perfect for humanity, no one would know who really i am, I would seek by my appearance, would be my only material things; perhaps i would become slave of the body and the superficial, wanting to find the formula of the eternal youth, for not getting older ever, live a superficial life;perfect just as I am not in the mirror would be more than my figure, i don't know who I am in reality… I prefer to be small, different, being sure that those who love me, I know the truth, and better yet, I can only look in the mirror, more than my soul, and fought to keep my spiritual beauty.

If you do not have empty, i would not need to love and feel loved, and would be a person indifferent, and that frightens me, I do not want to think what it would be like to live without love; without experiencing that need to be loved and the tremendous desire to give love ... that is the engine of our existence.

I am not perfect and I give thanks for this, because my imperfection gives meaning to my life, invites me every day is a struggle to be better. 

Thank God, by my imperfection, put on my the touch of your perfection: "love". 

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

** It is good with you **

Today decides to make something really nice for a very important person in your life: YOU! In order to be able to give you to the other, you must first have something to give. So enjoy the life. Have fun. Date permission. It is good with you. How would you like to make other people happy if you're not happy? Enjoy this day.

Do something special for you. In the midst of frustration, and even in times of despair, is the joy of simply being alive. There is nothing to be gained by refusing its own happiness. Being happy is a choice that one is always in time to make a choice that one can do without having to feel any guilt.

Your deserve it be well with thee.

And thus you shall be a person more effective, interesting, creative and productive. Make it the type of person that can really make a difference. It is good with you today and every day.

Saturday, May 23, 2015

**Many times we are living in fear ... **

Afraid of what we might not be able to do. Afraid of what they might think if we try it. 
We let our fears seize our hopes. 
Say no, when we want to say that if. 
We remain silent when we want to scream and we shouted with all when we should close the mouth.
Why is that? 
After all we live only once. There is no time to be afraid. 
Then enough. Never do something that you did. Dare. 
Forget that you are looking at. You try to play impossible. There is a risk.
Don't worry about being accepted. 
Don't settle for one more. nobody tied you. 
Nobody forced you. 
Be yourself. 
You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Many times we believe in the destination. We pray, we hope that things happen and we forget the most important thing. 
We believe in ourselves! 
We content ourselves instead of risking. 
Without thinking that each day that passes never return.  
Nothing is written. Nothing is done. Even the impossible. 
Everything depends upon our willingness. 
Of that force which comes from the inside. 
To say "yes i can" to each challenge.


Love one another, you were born for one another. And they will be forever. Be together when the wings of death from spreading their days. Yes, they will be together even in the silent memory of God. But let there are gaps in its proximity. And let the breezes of the heavens dance between you.

Love one another the one to the other. Most do not make the love a tether, let them have a sea in movement between the beaches of their souls. Mutually imbued the drinks, but don't drink only one cup, share his bread, but do not eat the same piece.

Singing, dancing, and rejoice ... But each one being independent, as well as even the ropes of the lute are alone though vibrate with the same music. Give your heart, but not as a pledge, because only the hand of life can contain your hearts

And stay together, but not too much. Because the pillars of the temple are further apart and neither the oak tree grows in the shade of cypress, cypress or under the oak.   

Friday, May 22, 2015

**Today I Want to talk about Love **

Today I want to talk about love, the love we seek, of unrequited love, the love that lives in us, the Love we'll be...
Love is a feeling immense that breaks barriers and limits, invades thoughts and emotions, creates peace and tranquility in the soul, creates illusions and dreams, is a deep sigh, is mourn with joy and sadness, is to assess the beloved, is it free when it's over, it permeate into a whole, is to strive for mutual happiness, is a dreamy space ..
That love is exalted arising from both, but it's hard when there's that mutual identification. When you love and you don't belong to the other, and when you want and you're on your own shelter. You exist in a cycle of understanding, and time waiting.
It is understood that at that time are you, he, the environment, your goals, your chimeras, the time ... Neither one nor the other are wrong.
Both are unique and special, just the moment of the meeting and the present universe of each.
It is enjoying today's minutes and seconds anhelarle good if it was not next to you in the future.
Love exists and you must live it when it reaches you. No other time is TODAY.
If today is your space and it wait no, wait patient because it will reward you immensely.

**Love gives**

You don't keep the goodness or love, repartelo, turn, regalalo, but so that it is not just in it, because nothing will serve you tomorrow. We must not be selfish, leaves positive things in your walk through this life.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

**It is possible to be happy **

All of the bad things can be reversed, if you've ever done something wrong or you think you have done wrong, don't think that necessarily you will pursue until the last of your days; this is not the case, each day that we open our eyes is a new opportunity to return to do things well, a new opportunity to start afresh with our lives.

Returns to make plans, don't let the weariness and boredom you clog the sun, make your days a rebirth, a new opportunity to not commit the same errors of the past. 

He laughs, that always you will do well, will give you life, youth, and you are always contagious to those around you of good vibrations. You will want to and respect for always having the right word, the smile when a face is sad. Be happy for everything you do is done with a lot of love and affection.

                             -You speak your own feelings, you can feel as you like - 

If you feel like crying, don't aloud, crying what you need, let all your feelings springing up so you can release yourself from everything that imprisons you.

Helps those who asks for your council, offers a few words, a result of conversations with people who are doing badly. Don't know how much they are willing to find a person that only tell you that "here I am", "account with me". And although nothing you say, you will feel your protection, someone who knows what they understand by pass. Remember that the heartbreak are those who are continually moving forward, are what it takes to make most of our hearts and our minds. Your support is very important.

Walk for life being a good person, feeling the breeze of the air that touches us when we walked on, if you go through life with that attitude so positive, extending your hands to anyone who needs it, you will be a person that will always be remembered for his great dedication. Remember, not all smile at this time, sadly there are many tears pour out by all sides, come to those who are suffering, leave your mark on this world.

**You are light **

Live your life to stop, reminds us that we are all passing through this life and that each day is how to climb a large staircase, rocuesta, but when you arrive at the top and look down and see all the people who benefited from your kindness, you'll be the happiest person on earth.

Search your interior, brain benders, is a person who is capable of being reborn every day, in every sunrise and every moment of the day. Let the love and kindness from flooding your heart so that your inner glows. Gives the best of it to those who live in your environment.

Remember that the only thing bigger than your God, each other, we are all equal, but we can make a difference if we love our fellow human beings. If we are capable of loving, also we will be able to be loved. 

Living this way and doing these things, our days will be wonderful, by the mere fact of having kindness to our fellow human beings we will feel blessed. 

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

** Looking for my Memoirs **

have thought and prayed for you every moment of this time enclosed in these four walls looking for my memoirs between howls of anguish accompanying my ghosts all the time this path immersed in yesterdays when, voices from the past, wandering images…
Your smile naked blood tinged, Your hands without sign of life, your body declaratory and without light if i have long awaited your voice tearing apart my loneliness I exiled with just a whisper apprehended in your throat wrapped around me in sunsets discolouration promises pristine and ardent desire..
I have surprised to die the sound of your breath burning those shoulders fierce q argued my world with your body, oh yes ... you don't know how much I needed this is minute of silence absurd, this crossroads broken this retrace our steps of the memory until you return to that time the outbreak terminal that we tore apart the two that you command to the tomb without scales and to my to hell not keep you that we were put off, we dissected and handed over to us without shroud or chanting to the nothing.
If. I thought of it in so many ways, in so many ways and with so many late i wished that night never happen, that your hands today uncirculated my dreams but had to be as well because nothing is eternal, because never have perhaps never find us because thou hast done deeds unto me be the center of my universe, the same center that disappeared and left me running in an endless spiral lethargic, abandoned, begging for death in order to be able to find you in this hell of shadows and sand where simply… I miss…