Monday, May 4, 2015

We must continue!

It is an illusion to think that we will ever be totally free of problems, because we shall always something that we are uncomfortable with, rob us the dream, or make us feel dissatisfied with life. As soon we solve a problem we will discover a new one, or what is worse, we will witness the return of a problem we thought we'd already passed. So much so that it is logical that we sometimes feel discouraged, losing the illusion by live the day to day, thinking that the life can no longer be surprised nor rejoice…
Life also has given us things that we always give reasons why the live, as are our dreams, the people we love, that make us become better people, and our children ... those beautiful beings that a day will be carried out as people and extension of ourselves.
We need to learn to live life with all its nuances, some are black and dark, others are radiant with light. In our internal affairs, there is a color palette to give color as we mature and learn to see life as it is… We Live life in its fullness, even with all its nuances! Think of the good: life is a rainbow.


Ian Catronis

Hair: *~*Damselfly*~*Lochlainn Non-Rigged Mesh Dark Blondes TMD!!

Shirt: ...Scars... U neck T-shirts [Black / White] TMD!!

Pants: ...Scars...Shirring sarouel pants ver.2 [Black] TMD!!