Monday, May 11, 2015


Never cease to fight by the person who really love, not to allow the distance deteriorate the love that both feel, enjoy every moment even if they are not close, but always that there are only takes shape through to the eyes and enjoy the embrace and feel the person they love.

Do not listen to this saying that "long distance love is love to think", if you really love the distance is not a factor that hinders this union.But if it is only an illusion with the time, the union will deteriorate up to remove the charm that was formed

Love is one of the most wonderful feelings that shine in each of our hearts, and remember that until the couple happier has problems, but these problems are the basis of training of our love, and is a union that with time will become something stronger than steel and much more complex than the structure of our own beautiful galaxy.

I hope that liking the thought: 

"Fight for love and never give up their dreams and goals, never forget that smile smiles are the language of the heart and a smile can change the face of a being who performs a sadness in your heart".  

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Ian Catronis

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