Tuesday, May 12, 2015

**Go out of you.. **

If you're who you are, serve, love, give; but you never say that you are more than others. If you're wise, you shut up.
That the world discover the wisdom in ti.In that smile you give the old woman, in that greeting you give to the friend, in that caress you do the child, give yourself!
The world is tired of hearing: "I am", "I do", "I serve"
Ask yourself now: "Who am I?", "What?", "Am where going?"; and I know so wise to teach others in your smallest action, giving all, seems that you don't give anything.

Ian Catronis: 

Hair:  Action Inkubator Hair Jesse / 1.0

Tank: GizzA - Dennis Tank Top [Leather Black - Grey] @ TMD!!

Pants: GizzA - Dennis Rolled Pants [Black - Charcoal] @ TMD!!

Sandals: ..::ILLI::.. Khronoz Sandals Sample @ Cosmopolitan