Thursday, July 2, 2015

** Thank God for what I have **

Although i clogged up the ears with the pillow and a cry of rage when the alarm clock rings ... Thank God I can hear. There are many who are deaf.

Although when I close my eyes, when he awoke, the sun gets in my room ... Thank God that I can see. There are many blind.

Although weighs me get up and get out of bed ... Thank God I have strength to do it. There are many bedridden that cannot. Although i was annoyed when I cannot find my things in place because the children made a mess ... Thank God that I have a family. There are many lonely. Although the food was not good and the breakfast was worse ... Thank God that I have food. There are many with hunger.

Although my work on occasions be monotonous routine ... Thank God I have occupation. There are many unemployed. Although I am not satisfied with the life, fought with myself and I have many reasons to complain about ... Thanks to God for life. Although the money not reach me for new shoes ... Thank you heavenly father, because my feet ... There are those who do not.

When I see my hands battered, for the work, and my low wages… Thank you Lord, for i have hands ... Some do not have hands. When I complained about the payment of services and I see I'm not reaches ... Thank you father of heaven, there are many who do.

Thank you heavenly Father for the air that respite ... Because I'm still breathing ... when many have ceased to do so today. There are so many things I have to say thank you ... For each day that I may awaken to life ... Thank You my God.

 Aris Credit Here : Love And Fashionista


Cap: OUTKAST  Pittsburgh Pirates Snapback White 

Glasses: ..::ILLI::.. Vogue Sunglasses UNISEX @ Cosmopolitan Bi-Weekly Event (6 July)

Shirt: ..::ILLI::.. Striped Tee - deluxe (unpacked) 

Jeans:  not so bad . mesh . ALESSI jeans . stonewash

Shoes: [NikotiN] Sneakers Notorious - (White)