Saturday, July 11, 2015

** I am the result **

If I am the result of what we lived, i was at peace with the origin and miro hopeful the next crossroads. 
If my life has brought me up to this point in the road, i took a break to your vera to observe the three points of convergence: the long past of pilgrim, the future that awaits me, and this exact place of the present I blessing
And in the manor today that gives me my way, I find the force that did not have before. 
And in that search of all the days, I have found some weaknesses and pettiness. 
Most do not do not renounce; if they are here is because i need to continue on the path.
And as well ... i charge of achievements and points not resolved until now. 
In peace with the convergence of the time in this hour, enjoying the ends and the present with belief and some certainties that have crept with the threads of light between the sheets. 


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