Sunday, July 19, 2015

** The magic of love **

The magic of love for life can work miracles in your life. 
Loose ... loose ... loose ... the limitations, the "no" or, "I cannot" 
you can always, don't tell me that you can't, do you want to?
If you want the magic of life this latent in it then "if you can". If you don't want to and you are looking for excuses to do those things that gives you the life ... This well, but you don't while, life is a river that passes under the bridge of your existence, and will not stop until that one day you just won't know that dried. 
See what you want, don't ... Forging, creates, loves leave your gift to the world, you no longer lay limitations
Put your grief and your body to rest in the souls of an angel of light How?simple ... just do it ... 
With love to life and my wish for you today ... Be happy, that your happiness is not based on people or things. 
Be happy with yourself 

Aris Credit Here :  Love And Fashionista 


Hair: HOMAGE -- Jaye Darryl : Coffees

Shirt: ::GB::Look Hot shirt (Men)  Blue   @ Season Story

Pants: Legal Insanity - butch black jeans @ MOM!!

 Shoes: [BLK2.0] NORAGE -  #BLACK @ TMD!!