Saturday, July 18, 2015

** Mature **

When I no longer have doubts of my, when passage through life with security in who I am, when my feet lead me to the place that i want, when they no longer wept by small things, when my life begins to have meaning, when no longer doubt what i am capable… then i know that I have matured.

Sometimes we can question when is that we started to mature, and is not a question of age..

It can be very young and have a extraordinary maturity, there are also older people that never ripen, live the life as children and dress as such. People that make your life a celebration, do not have purposes. No plans of life. That is why the maturity is not a mental state, it is an attitude, is not a question of age, is to have common sense to life.

Is always the question "Do I Have sufficient maturity? ". Who could say nothing of your thoughts, only you know your; but to get the question you're beginning to realize that it is the maturity in our lives. YOU'RE GROWING.

There are very young people have many life plans, that know what to do, they will be doing and how their lives will be later. Are people with purposes, make your mind begins to think more about the steps that dan and no longer feels so helpless, on the contrary feel that they have the world in their hands because they already know where it goes.

There are other types of people, that for more years that have are always angry, bored, don't know what to do, do nothing to change their life or try to give the solution, they are always waiting for other people to do it for them.

We might say that in this field of the maturity each person knows to what extent has it. We know that we have matured when we can look back with regret, not to complain but to correct the mistakes of the past.


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