Monday, July 6, 2015


We dream that we are living in an eternal love and one day we woke up with a reality: 

You don't love us ... Why is that? 

Love also means at risk, and when one loves in truth suffers, and as costs us release what we love ...

Letting go, releasing, this is the key and it is not easy because it hurts. 

To keep crying what i don't enjoy prevents me this that I have now.

Learn to deal with the topic of the loss is accepting to live the duel, know that what was is something that was and is no longer more or at least that it is not the same thing that was. 

In fact it is never the same. 

When I realize that something has died, that something is finished, that is a good time to release. When no longer useful, when no longer meets, when it is no longer, it is time to release. Not sure what I'm going to do, if I love you of truth, is the desire to keep you maximal. 

Not sure what I am going to do is try to get stuck into, if it is true that I love you. 

I love you for it ...

OR Do i love the comfort that you're by my side? 
Am I connected with you, either an individual or person?, 
OR i am related to my idea that i found you and I don't want to get out more nobody? 

Not caught you, you don't grab it, you don't cling, not you bound him. And don't let go because I am not amounts, 

"you let go because I care about you." 

Aris Credit Here :  Love And Fashionista 


Hair: Dura-Boy62

Necklace: Meva Male June Necklace Box @ MOM!!

Tattoo:  [M]A.C. [D]ESIGN & Owl  @ Cosmopolitan Bi-Weekly Event (Hello Tuesday)

Shirts: ::K:: Safari Shirts Homme(No inner) Ivory @ TMD!!!

Bracelet: Meva Male Bracelet Pearls @ MOM!!

Jeans: ::GB::Roll up denim pants  @ TMD!! 

Shoes: ..::ILLI::.. Liam Sandals (wear to unpack) - deluxe