Thursday, July 16, 2015

** There will always be a tomorrow **

Today there are feelings of failure, pain, betrayal and slander…

Failure leads to dejection: We darkens the lives and causes that we lose the way. 
When the pain bites us, we forget all that lived and we think that we can never again smile. 
The betrayal of those who believed more faithful leads us to desilusionarnos of friendship and to fall into doubt. The slander makes us feel as helpless children closed their eyes to the threat and will shrink to the stature of the dust…
Feel and experience these things is horrible… it's like in the nights of sleeplessness in that it never seems to arrive the morning. It is as well. We know by experience.
And it is the time when we need irrigating with our tears in the hope that our garden has always be the last flower that will wither. Because there is no night so long able to stop a new day. Or "there is evil that lasts a hundred years". It is good to think that when it rains that sadness fertilize it land in the spring. Remember that a radiant health matters more than the Tajo painful of a scalpel.

When someone insults us us cowardly and stoned the orchard, we run the risk of forgetting that tree stoned again flourish and bear fruit without getting tired of giving… in the middle of the night, when we cover the penalty and defeat. When evening comes the disillusionment. When we die the laughter as the sun. When we turn off a flame that we have alot of care to light in the darkness… both comforts and excites to remember: there is always a tomorrow.   

Hair: Tableau Vivant // Last train home / Basics @ Hair fair 2015

Skin: ^^Swallow^^ Julian TMP  Porcelaine  @ Men Only Monthly (MOM) July  20th