Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Today I want to talk about the love

Today I want to talk about the love, the love that we seek, of unrequited love, the love that lives in us, the love that we will be ...

Love is a feeling immense that breaks with barriers and limits, invades thoughts and emotions, generates peace and tranquility in the soul, creates illusions and dreams, it is a deep sigh, is cry tears of joy and sadness, is to assess the loved one, you leave it free when everything has finished, it is stuff in a whole, it is fighting for the mutual happiness, is a space of your dreams.

It is sublime that love emerges from both, but it is difficult when there is no such mutual identification. When one loves and one does not belong to the other, and when you are looking for and one is in its own shelter. There is in a cycle of understanding, waiting and time.

It is understand that in that time are your, the environment, your goals, their dreams, the time ... Neither one nor the other are wrong. Both are unique and special, is only the moment of that meeting and the universe present in each one.

It is to enjoy the minutes today and anhelarle good seconds if not already on your side in the future. Love exists and you must live it when it comes to it. There is no other time, it is today. If today is your space Gozalo and but, patient wait because it will reward you immensely.

    Ian Catronis

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