Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Have you noticed?

When another acts in an inconsistent manner, we say it has bad character; but when you do, are the nerves. When another sticks to its methods or their tastes, it is stubborn; But when you do, it is firmness.
When to another you don't like your friend, you have prejudices; But when you don't like your friend, simply, samples be a good judge of human nature. 
When other things are done with calm, is that it is going to step of a turtle; But when you do slow, it is because you like think things. 
When defects are found in other things, is a geek; But when you do, is because you know discern.
When another has soft and delicate manners, is weak; but when you have it, you are courteous and friendly. When another is buying a car of the year, it is vanity; But when you are shopping, is need. 
When to another gives anger, it is a sin; but when it gives you anger, it is because "your character is as well." When another tells you a truth that you don't like it, is that it is not love; but when you do, is that you are sincere. 
When another not greets you, is that it is pride; But when you don't say hello, is that not what she wears. 
When another does not comply with its duty, it is a irresponsible; But when you do not fulfill your duty, is that you can't really. 
When another has serious difficulties, is that it is in sin; but when you have it, is a test. 
When another does not work, is that it is a vague; But when you don't work, is that you can't work. 
When another is experiencing a shortage, is that it is a bad administrator; But when you suffer shortages, is that you don't win enough. 
When one talks about the other, is a slanderer; But when you speak of others, is to pray. 
When another falls into temptation, is a sinner; But when you fall into temptation, it is a weakness. 
When another does not accept the challenge, is a coward; But when you do not accept, is that you are not trained. 
When another receives blessings, is by the mercy of God; but when you receive blessings, is because you deserve it. 
When the daughter of another is rebel, the father is evil; But when your daughter is rebel, is because he inherited the nature of the grandfather. 
When another pays evil for evil, it is because it is a vengeful; But when you do, it is because these doing justice. When another fulfills his duty, is to accumulate points; but when you meet with your duty, it's because you are responsible.

Ian Catronis

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::GB::Hight neck sweater  GACHA The Seasons Story