Saturday, October 18, 2014

The way to love

Only when these good about yourself you can be well with the other. Only when you get onto your solitude you can handle a relationship.
You need to give yourself value to be worth, to love yourself to give love, to respect yourself to  respect, and accept yourself to accept, because nobody gives what is not within himself.

No relationship will give you the peace that you yourself do not believe in your inner self. No relationship will provide happiness that you yourself don't you construct. Only you can be happy with another person when you're able to tell well convinced: No need of thee to be happy.

Only you can love being independent, up to the point of not having to handle or manage the indexes that want. Only you can be happy when two happy people come together to share their happiness, not to be happy the one to the other. You need to love a humble reliance, you need esteem and the practice of responsible freedom.

To claim that another person makes us happy and fill all our expectations, it is a narcissistic fantasy that brings only frustrations. 
For this reason, you  love you so much, mature, and the day you can say to another: "Without you i am fine" ... that day you'll be more prepared to live as a couple.  

Ian Catronis

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