Monday, October 27, 2014

True Love

A man of a certain age came to the clinic where I work to be done healing a wound in the hand. He was rather quickly, and while it healed i asked him what it was so urgent that i had to do. She told me i had to go to a nursing home for breakfast with his wife who lived there.

She told me that took some time in that place and that was a very advanced Alzheimer's disease. While just dress the wound, i asked if she would be alarmed if the late that morning. -No, I said. She no longer knows who i am. Almost five years ago that did not recognize me. Then I asked him surprised. - AND if you already don't know who you are

Why does that need to be with her every morning? He smiled at me and give me a pat on the hand i said: - "She did not know who I am, but i was still very well who is she". I had to hold back the tears as she was leaving and i thought: - "This is the kind of love that I want for my life.

True love cannot be reduced to the physical or romance. True love is the acceptance of everything that the other is, of what has been, of what will be and what is no longer ...

Ian Catronis

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