Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Love ♥

 Love is when you can't be apart from that someone for a long time… you're always thinking about the person, and when you are with that person never want to say goodbye.
Love is far from being simple. It is quite complex. It is a mixture of everything. Is sadness, joy, passion, hate, enthusiasm; it is almost every feeling that you can imagine and more.
Love grows and strengthens over time; if you find truth, terrified, because if you lose maybe not what you encounter. Be careful and don't be fooled, that true love never goes to damage, lives within us but does not decide to love, when that time comes, you will tell. Maybe freak out on the road because nobody i am saying that it would be easy, but if you dont give up, you will be blessed; in the end, the whole effort will be worth it. Finally you and your heart will be happy, to find that person that her heart will receive, like yours you'll notice.
You know that love is when you find, is that person when you smiles clarifies the day, you can't stop looking at it intently for fear of losing it, is always in your mind, dreaming awake with be on your side, even if it is less than 20 feet of you… and you can't bear it when is not with you, the worst feeling that you feel is when you know that the person you love is not with you…You can't say when love will happen, only you know when it happens, that moment when you put for the first time your eyes in that person, and never want to look the other side… this is love. Nothing less.
Love is not always perfect. This is not a fairy tale or a book of short stories. And not always come easily. 
Love is overcoming obstacles, taking challenges, struggling to be together, holding it and never letting it go. Word is a short, easy to say, difficult to define and impossible to live without it.
Love is work, but above all, love is to realize that every hour, every minute and every second was worth it because you do with a loved one.



Hair- ~Tableau Vivant~ Celestia - Basics (collabor88)

Outfit - Addams // Complete Outfit Kylie


Hair: [INK] Hair___SERIOUS ::Black/Coal TMD!! February 2015

Jacket: [coepio]Mr.Morning [Black] NEW!!

Belt: [ Excellence ] Belt_WMA_Black NEW!!

Brief: [ Excellence ] Briefs_WMA_White1 NEW!!

Pants: [ Excellence ] Jeans_WMA_Black NEW!!

Shoes: Mikunch / Mens canvas shoes (*Leather black) TMD!! February 2015