Wednesday, August 5, 2015

** That we don't See **

Sometimes we begin to fear for life, without having first traced goals.
Sometimes we criticize the life of others without criticizing ours.
Sometimes we envy the achievements of others, rather than learn from them.
Sometimes we ask for help from someone, although we do not know thanks.
Sometimes we believe to be the best friend, not really knowing what is friendship.
Sometimes we help others, even though we are selfish with ourselves.
Sometimes we settle for what we have and may be better still.
Sometimes we want to have more power, without knowing the power of Love
Sometimes we think we know everything, without having read any book.
Sometimes we think we have succeeded, without knowing what is being lost.
Sometimes people disappoint us, without commercial known well.

Each of us is a rookie all you begin to discover.
Just as the world is presented as a box of surprises, so do people ...
We believe knowing a person (for what it does, what it looks like, what you want)

What we don't see.

Discover: your goals in life, their fears, their dreams.
Discover: the one who was, who he is, the one who will.
Find out: what they want, what they learn, what they criticize.
Discover: how they feel about themselves, others and life.

What we do not see, but that is part of the essence of each.
We begin to discover our own essence.


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