Monday, July 1, 2013

- The Calm and Silence -

What good is a heart to be calm in the midst of loneliness?, Is not that calm as having a stagnant lake in a valley?
But also, how big is a heart when in the midst of difficulties and problems remains calm and dresses in silence! It's like the serene stream sliding down the side of the mountain.
Some go to places where the most that bothers is the song of a bird, or the sound that starts the wind to the leaves of the trees.

And think: I am calm and collected in this place I have reached the calm and silence is a friend of my heart.
But when it comes to noise, their pulses are shaken and their hearts are altered, and his thoughts collide with violence in their foreheads, and I would ask:
Where kept calm, What prepared him home in her breasts as soon as they were?

Know that he who seeks to find inner silence, amid the sounds, voices and screams, and taking him to put him in your heart, to listen and hear not outward but inward.
To find it, calm interior, do not go where everything is calm, but where there is peace, and peace be you.
Thus the find to give it, and will to the extent that they see that others need you to calm down.

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