Friday, July 5, 2013

- Who don't appreciate you, does not deserve you -

There are many relationships and marriage in that respect there are so many cases could also be your case or that of someone you know.
Who does not appreciate, does not deserve you.That is something every person should have in mind.And respect begins at home,that values ​​you or not depends on you.
Relationships begin to hope, begin a new life with the woman you love, and there are no secrets because you finally have an accomplice, a friend ... and you have a love, and your soul is exposed to such person. So live each day with joy, with hope and faith that we will get much further in the relationship, it seems that everything was perfect, the perfect couple, the perfect relationship, everything fits in our lives ...
But it also happens that sometimes these dreams realized, love those dreams have been fulfilled, are broken. After that comes the disappointment, don't look, you don't value, and does not call you, or if you do it when you want and not when you need him ... and never is for you and you look with great sadness and impotence of not knowing what to do.
And it is right that you feel angry, you've given everything, you have not been to anything, and suddenly everything is broken. Where did we lose our way?
Why let you trample?Many people live this curse of being despised, harassed and abused by her partner, relationships where there is no respect. But saddest thing is that you let that get hit. That's the worst, no one can or has the right to insult your person, do not give in, do not let them in the name of love you to pieces you and your dignity.
Some common characteristics of those who does not appreciate:
Nothing you don't like.
He criticizes everything, even the way you dress.
I will not let you have friends, you control in all aspects.
Reveals you to other people.
After achieving that loved him, and he does not listen.
Does not respond to your calls.
Avoid any meeting not to address serious issues.
Were left wanting, until the pay movie tickets you.
I do not have details on the contrary, thinks that he is "entitled" to all you pay.
If you identify your partner in almost all these features, then feel free to get off the train, get off at the first station. It is better to suffer a while to be with someone like a lifetime. Do not deserve, not valued, not love you, only you serve to your tastes. You do not have to live a life, you are not anything.
You must retire from your life, you deserve a good love, good relationship, why not have all day to be supporting that hurt your heart.
If you have respect for the person you are, there will come a day when a person you know will evaluate your site and what you are. We valued for being you, not for what you have. Do not allow anyone to suffer in this way, these people are not worth it, leave that life and do not forget, it should DIGNITY, just so you can get ahead with these relationships as harmful.
You deserve to be loved and not get hurt, you deserve respect and deserve everyone. Can you afford to lose everything in life, but dignity, that's what really hurts, do not let it ever, and if you lost it is never too late to recover. Deserve dignity.

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